Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Did Our Father End Up Here In St. Joe? Happy Father's Day!

Part of a re post from my Xanga site on Sunday, 19 June 2007...
I added the photo in 2012 and added some updates.

Yeah, I did have a GOOD Father's Day. Especially in the House of the LORD, our Father's House. We got to sing the hymnal This Is My Father's World again..(ON FATHER'S DAY). The message was called "The Reckless Father". I received some revelation from that message: "The Reckless Father" (in 2007).

Some of my siblings, their spouses and some of their kids got together on Father's Day.... Some questions arose to how did we get to be, where we are in this city of St Joseph, Missouri.

I was ask this question...

How did our father end up here in St. Joe?
I heard many other cities as to where we (our ancestors lived and )could have lived.
in the towns of Elwood, Kansas (and areas and some went) up along with Omaha, Nebraska.

We could have lived in Yankton, SD. Our father's father, John was planning to bring his wife, Jennie and 7 children up there in the late teens of the last century. (About 1916 - 1917)

Grandpa John Blakey Blakley died before making the trip back to get them. Our Grandma Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley decided to stay in St. Joseph, Missouri. She had siblings and family here.

Actually, our father wanted to live on a farm... The closest "thing of being on a farm" was that we had a lot of chickens in our backyard in the mid to late 1950's ... This was what I was told. This happened well before my time.
David W. Blakley Sr.

Today, (FATHER'S DAY!) is an anniversary for me... June 19, (1994) was my very first Father's Day in church. I was saved. I was a happy girl on that day and ever since than knowing that I have God as my Father God.

I have been thinking... that for those who are in Christ have the honor to addressing God as Father. I know some ...who did not have that honor to call a man in your household, father. But know since we have JESUS, we have God, the Father as our Father God.

But when I received that revelation of God as my Father, it changed me. I have the honor to address God as Father God, forever. I have also been thinking...I am a child of God. God is my Father. That's awesome!

Hope that you Have A WONDERFUL Day!
Staying On The Family History Journey,

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