Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Mattie White Connections: Oressia Hereford

In early October of 2011,I send off the death record of Oressia Hereford. I was curious to see how her father was. I figured that her mother's name was Mattie White. I got that off of census records.

I can't recall why I came across those census record. Back then it seem to be a mystery to me. I have always thought the Mattie never married. And that she only had one child. Her name was Bob Ella Bentley.

But through my search for Mattie White, I came across more children. Mattie had about 5 children. Only two in which I have located. Ella was went Oressia on the 1910 census with their mother, Mattie.

I haven't located Mattie's children, Patrick, Alice or Jane. I don't know which surname they may have went by. Oressia went by her father's surname Hereford.

On October 6, 2011, I received Oressia's death record through the mail. I was anxious to see what was on it. Oressia was born on March 16, 1904 in Missouri, Her father's name was Robert "Bob" Hereford.

I did more record on Oressia father. Robert "Bob" was the son of James Madison "Mat" Herriford / Herryford and Jannett "Jaenette (Page) Heryford. The Hereford surname was spelled at least four ways. Herefore, Herriford, Herryford, and Heryford.

From what I've heard Orressia never married. She had no children. According to her death record, she resided in Keytesville MO. She passed away in Fulton, Callaway County in Missouri.

I wonder about the mystery of Mattie's children. I'm glad that I've found out this much. I hope that some of Mattie's descendant would a  connection. Mattie did have a grandson named Willard or William Carr. He was the child of Ella Bentley Carr.

Hope that this information was helpful.
Hope that some will see a connection and add more to this story.

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