Sunday, April 7, 2013

Isaac Blakey: Alais Blaker

At the far right of this document there is Civil War seal in an oval like share...
stating at the top CIVIL WAR with another oval circle like share ...
the date APR 11, 1913 and outside that oval the word DIVISION
Civil War Div.
Inv. Ctf, I00I87
Isaac Blakey
Alias Blaker
H.6. U.S.A--H.A.
In relation to the above entitled cause; personally came before me,
a Notary Public in and for the County of Chariton and State of Missouri:
Y.C. Blakey, whos post office address is Salisbury Chariton County, Missouri,
a person well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit,
and who by me being duly sworn declares in relation to the aforesaid cause as follows: that he is 78 years old having been born in the year 1835;
that he is will acquainted with Isaac Blakey, "Alais Blaker",
that his mother owned, the said Isaac Blakey,
that he and his mother raised him; and to the best of his knowledge
and belief, the said Isaac Blakey was born in the year 1845,:
that no records now exist showing the date
on which the said Isaac Blakey was born.
Witness my hand and Seal this the 7th, day of April, 1913
Y.C. Blakey
Subscribed and sworn before me this the 7th , day of April 1913.
And I further certify that the contents of the foregong was fully made known to the affiance before signing. and that I have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.
My commission as Notary will expire, April 3rd 1915.
S.F. Trammill
Notary Public,
There was a circle seal mark in that circle the word PENSION
at the top...then the letter U.
then beside that the month of Apr
under that the day 10 under that the year 1913
and under that the word OFFICE

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