Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Mini Family Reunion: 2008

This is some what of a re post  from my old Journaling_Susan site
Dated on Monday, 21 July 2008

It was a hot day, today. But is was a special day. A brother, his wife and son came for a visit on their way back to Texas. They were going to stay for about 5 hours.

I made the calls to others that our brother and family was here. I manage to get as many as I could to come by. The last time that my brother and family were here was 3 years ago.

I showed my second oldest brothers a family album that one of our brother made for me. I had a family pedigree to show them as well. We got to know our family history.

We all could not meet at once. Some came in and out within the 5.5 hours. The official count for today: 10 brothers, 5 in laws, 3 nephews, a niece and a sister. A brother and a sister made a phone call. I think that is pretty good for a Monday afternoon.

I even took pictures. I couldn't miss out on this historical moment. I noticed some things as we were together. The first 5 brothers were here under the same roof. I had to get them to pose for a photo. They did.

It is hard to get every one together. Some of the brothers live out of town. The elder ones are getting up in years.

I see this week a very special week for our family. We had some what of a mini reunion. It was plain and simple. I served some lemonade and cookies.

I hope that you had a good day.
Blessings to you.

Staying On the Family History Journey,

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