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Jordan Blakey: Who Was He?

 In the beginning of my search, I knew very little about Jordan. I read that he passed away in Michigan through family history notes. As I continue to search for family history, I discovered more and more along the journey.

Jordan Blakey was born with a twin sister, Julia on March 1, 1878 in Mississippi. Their parents were Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY. Jordan was one of 18 children of Isaac and Rachel.

In November of 2011, I came across info on Jordan's wife Flora Elizabeth (LAWRENCE) BLAKEY in California. I discovered the birth index and two of her children names. I wasn't for sure if they were Jordan's children. But through more searching, I came across more children of Flora.

As I continue to search for Jordan, I came across more info that I wasn't sure of. I have tried to piece together and make the connections with things that I've been finding. I searched the census records, city directors and whatever info that I could.

I'm still trying to piece together info on Jordan. I searched on and came across some info. I had some contact with descendants of Jordan. I have since lost connections with them. One descendant was on Clarence Ollie Blakey. The other one on Verna M. Blakey.

Jordan wasn't listed on the 1880 or 1900 census. What appears unusual on the 1880 census was that his twin Julia was listed. I wondered why Jordan wasn't listed on both of those census. And for 1900, Jordan would have been about 22. He could have been married.

According to 1910 MO census and records Jordan was married to Lizze ?. That would have been about 1903 or 1906.   Lizzie was born about 1882. She passed away before 1915.

Jordan remarried to Flora BENTLEY on Oct 20, 1915 in Yankton, South Dakota. Jordan was listed as a widower. Flora were listed as a widow before they were married.  Jordan and Flora were only listed on the 1920 census together.

On the 1930 census, Jordan was listed with wife, Ruby in Nebraska. Jordan was 25 when he first married. That would have been Lizzie. The year when Ruby and Jordan married isn't known.

Jordan and his 3rd wife Rubenia "Ruby" moved to Ann Arbor Michigan. That could have been sometime between 1930 and 1935. They remind there until their death.

I searched the CA birth index, and other census and came up with Flora's maiden name LAWRENCE. On the CA birth index LAWRENCE was listed with the children Thomas, Flora. and Baby Girl Blakey.

The first three children were born in SD.  Verna and Vernon could have been the same person. Error on the census taker. I don't think that they were twins. Verna wasn't listed with Vernon.

Jordan's 2nd wife Flora. Here is a list of Flora' children with the BLAKEY surname:
Clarence and Verna were born in SD. The others in CA.
Clarence Ollie BLAKEY (1920 - 1988)
Clarence was married had about 10  children

Verna M. BLAKEY (1923 - 1983)
Verna had a son with the DELAHOUSSAYE surname.

Vernon L. Blakey ? Not for sure, this could have been Verna.

Thomas J. "Tom" BLAKEY (1930 - 2013)
Thomas was married.

Flora Stella BLAKEY (1933 - 1976)
Flora was married and had children.

Baby Girl BLAKEY (1935 - 1935) She was stillborn

Jordan was listed as a farmer. I haven't found any additional info on his life. Jordan and Flora did have descendants. I hope someone can see a connection with The  Jordan and Flora BLAKEY's Connections.

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