Thursday, April 17, 2014

Capture Life Through Photos

Notes From Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Capture Life Through Photos

I was looking through some of my photos on August 22, 2011. I had an idea come to me. It was to post unknown relatives on my family history site.

I was putting some of the photos in sections of babies, children and adults. Then I had another idea come to me. I never thought of doing that.

I started compiling photos of my Grandpa Leo's siblings. I thought to blog on each one of them. I know something about their life. A photo would liven up the blog.
I came up with about 12 ideas. The majority of the photos are from my mother's parents. I don't have many photos of my father's siblings. I wish there were more.

I don't recall what I was doing that brought the idea to post photos. I guess I was using my imagination. Or perhaps I was thinking who was the person in the photo? It's just an idea.

Our ancestors tried to capture their life through posing for photos. I know that was all they had back in the early days. Some of them could read. I'm glad that whatever way my ancestors recorded their life for the future.

Photo can bring out more to our family history. As the old saying goes. " A picture can stay a thousand words. I'm thankful for the invention of the camera and the media devices of this day. We all can record our family history with many medias.

May we capture our lives through whatever media we have.
May we record our lives for the future generation.

Thanks for reading.

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