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In Memory Of Sallie WHITE KIRBY HUDSON (1887- 1920)

Who was Sallie White?

According to Sallie's death record, she was the daughter of Spencer WHITE. Her mother was listed as unknown.  However, Sallie's mother could have been Malinda (BANKS) WHITE. Sallie was born in Missouri.

Sallie's birth date isn't clear on her death record. It appeared to have be written as 1886 with a 7 on the 6 followed by a dash and the number 11 than another dash than 1. So, that could have been November 1 or January 11 of 1886 or 1887. ( 1886 - 11 - 1 ) I believe the date was January of 1887.

In the beginning of my search, I didn't know much about Sallie White. I came across her on the 1900 census record with her father, Spencer White, his wife, Lou and Cleoa, Sallie's sister. Sallie's month and year of birth was recorded as January 1887 on that census.

My search for Sallie was difficult. It wasn't until I came across info on her father Spencer; the search for Sallie began to unfold. I searched for Sallie White. Here's some of my discoveries.

Miss Sallie WHITE married Orlando Stack KIRBY  on January 15, 1910 in Moberly, Missouri.  It was on  a Sunday night. They were married by a judge. Within a little over a year, Orlando and Sallie were divorce late 1911 or early 1912.

Little is know about Sallie's where a bout after she was married and divorced. Orlando remarried and moved to St. Joseph, Missouri. He passed on in St. Joseph in July 1968.

As I began to search newspapers, I came across info on Sallie Kirby. She was listed as Mrs. Sallie Kirby. She was visiting her father, Spencer White in March of 1915 in Moberly, Missouri. She was living in Kansas City, Missouri.

I searched for Sallie Kirby and made this discovery. Sallie married Lemuel L. Hudson on May 12, 1919 in Jackson County Missouri. They were married about eight months.  Sallie became ill. According to a newspaper on January 10, 1920, Sallie was on the prayer list. She was very ill. Sallie passed on January 11, 1920. She had been ill for about 2 months.

I continued to search for info on Sallie. I came across an article mentioning her death. It stated that "Sister Sallie Kirby Hudson. who died in full triumph of faith." I found another article about where she was buried.

Her funeral was in Kansas City, Missouri. It was at St. Stephens Baptist Church where Rev  James W. Hurse who was the Pastor. I believe Sallie was a member of the church. Rev J. W. Hurse married Sallie and Lemuel in May of 1919.

I later discovered in another news article: On January 12, 1920 Sallie's remains were  brought to Moberly, Missouri to the home of Mrs. (Fannie) Spencer White . According to an article, Sallie had a grave site service at 2PM at Oakland Cemetery in Moberly, Missouri. Only a prayer was spoken at the grave site.  ~ R.I.P. cousin Sallie. ~
Sallie White Hudson Memorial on Find A Grave

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