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Where Did The Family Of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) Lankford / Lankfard Live?

The Lankford / Lankfard in 1892

I've been on a journey. I'm making a lot more discoveries along the way. When I began searching for info on my Great Grandparents and their children I didn't know what I would come across.

I'm surprised as I keep searching. I stumbled across some things that I wasn't aware of. I discovered that some of the family members were on the move. 

                                                    Here are some of my findings.

When Lewis (Robert) LANGFORD and Charlotta DADE were married in January of 1873, they lived in Lewis County, Missouri. They lived in the cities of Monticello and Canton, Missouri area. As they moved Westward in Missouri, they lived in Kansas City, and later to St. Joseph.

As the years passed, Robert and Charlotta and some of the LANKFORD / LANKFARD children moved with their careers. It appears that other family members followed one another. Yes, they were a family on the move.

Robert and Charlotta lived in St. Joseph for some time. There came a time when they decided to move to Denver Colorado about 1918. Why did they move there? How long did they stay?

They could have moved to be closer to some of their children.  Or more so, Robert was doing some construction work. Whatever the reason, they were they for about a few years.

The Lankford / Lankfard children in CO:
Frederick, Nymadula, Anna Alice with her husband, Christopher C. Smith and Isabella who later married her husband, E.W. Nickerson. 

Other places where the Lankford / Lankfard children lived:

Louis, Frederick and Nymadula (with his wife, Irene) lived in New York, New York. Their mother, Charlotta lived in New York for about eight months before her passing on April 3, 1924.

Louis (Add) LANKFARD married Virgie HILL in NY in September of 1918.
Nymadula LANKFARD lived in WY and CO with wife, Hattie.
Frederick LANKFARD lived in New Mexico, CO, and NY.

Isabelle and Anna Alice lived together with their family in CO in 1934 - 35.
Anna Alice was listed in CO in the 1920's and some in the 1930's and 1940.
Anna Alice also lived in Kansas City, Missouri and later back to St. Joseph, MO.

Frederick may have been the first of the LANKFARDs to moved to Colorado.
He was there about 1915. He was a musician. He was a traveler.

Nymadula was listed in Colorado in 1918.
He was married to Hattie McDaniel. 
Nym worked as a labor and traveled.

Isabella married E.W. Nickerson in CO in August of 1920.  
She may have moved with her parents in 1918.

It is believed that Isabella came to St. Joseph, Missouri in 1919, 1923 and 1924.
In 1919 and 1924 to attend her parents funeral in St. Joseph.
In 1923 Isabella had a daughter born in St. Joseph.

It's nice to follow where relatives lived.
Louis was a professional baseball player in the Negro League.
Frederick was a traveling musician.
Nymadula was Nymadula.
Louis, Frederick and Nymadula passed in NY.
As for the other LANKFORD /LANKFARD siblings:
James, Leo, and Lula, they resided and passed on in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Brother, Charles was said to have lived and passed on in Kansas City, Missouri.

I'm still searching for info on the LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family Connections.
I hope to make more discoveries.

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

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