Monday, May 25, 2015

In Remembrance

Happy Remembrance Day!

Many will visit the places where their loved ones have been laid to rest. Many will place flowers on their graves. It's time for remembrance. We should remember those who passed on. They were a part of our family.

Yet, there are many people who have passed on; some will never be thought of. There are or perhaps no record of their existence. Those miscarriages or unmarked graves are long forgotten.  Some were recorded as stillborn and young infants who passed on way to early in life. There are many who have no names or remembrance of their births.

That's sad to say but, many are not recognized in family history. There are family members who were lost and forgotten. It's because there was no remembrance of them through the years.  The family stopped speaking of them. The information had been lost through the generations. Until someone brings their remembrance back to life.

As I began searching for my family connections, I have discovered a lot of my ancestors and relatives have no remembrance of them. Most of them had no obituaries listed in the newspapers. There were  some relatives who had some acknowledgment of their passing.

I hope people will honor remembrance day. It was first called Decoration Day. People  decorated their loved ones grave markers. Now, it's called Memorial Day. Either way, it's Remembrance Day.

When I come across a relative or ancestor on my family connections, I take note and write them into my family connections. They were connected some how. Their life counted. They should be remembered.

We all want to be remembered. We should be. When it's our time to pass on may there be others who are left behind, remember those who have passed. And may we keep our loved ones in remembrance for those who are to come.

May the Lord help us keep our family connections alive and well. And may we pass on what we know about those before us to the future generations. Amen!

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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