Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Alex Morris and Albert (White) Morris Family Connections

As I've been searching for my South Dakota Blakey Family Connections who moved to California, I came across some of my White Family Connections who resided there also. The Blakeys had cousins, Alex and Alberta Morris and family. It appears that the Morris were there about 1920 before the Blakeys arrived beginning in 1926.

Alex MORRIS married Alberta / Bertie WHITE in 1910 in Missouri. They had children born in Missouri, Yankton, South Dakota and California.  Alex was the son of William Morris and Elizabeth "Liza / Lizzie (JOHNSON) MORRIS. Alberta "Berta / Bertie" was the daughter of Richard WHITE and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE .

Below is the list of Alex and Alberta (White) Morris' children.
The Morris Family resided in Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas.

Laura / Lauren  Belle Morris
She was born in Missouri on Feb 20, 1909.
She was believe to have married. ? surname GREEN.

William R. Morris
(1911 - 1963)
He served in WW II

Margaret Louisa (Morris) Jones Driver
(1912 - 1990)

1st husband ~ Archie Cole JONES Sr.

Their children
Archie Cole Jones (1932 - 1994)
Hebert Jones
Earnest Jones
Gary Jones (1938 - 2013)

Margaret's 2nd husband  ~ ? DRIVER

William R. Morris
(1911 - 1963)

Thomas "Tom" Morris
He was born about 1913.

Daisy Mae (Morris) Hill
(1916 - 1968)

Samuel M. Morris
(1917 - 1960)

Robert M. Morris
(1918 - 1978)

Daniel Morris
He was born November of 1919 in California.

Alfred Johnnie Morris
(1921- 1989)

Roscoe Morris
He was born about 1921 in California.

I hope some of Alex's and Alberta's descendants will come across this blog. I believe that there are or will be some family connections searching for their family history. If not now, I hope some time in the future. Praying that someone will see some family connections. My journey continues to discover more on my family history.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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