Monday, March 7, 2016

Siblings: Charles Edward Lankfard and Isabella V. Lankford Nickerson

Mr. Charles Edward Lankfard
Mrs. Isabella V. (Lankford) Nickerson  
Through the years of searching, I discovered more about Charles E. Lankfard and Isabella Nickerson.  They were two of the children of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) Lankford / Lankfard.   Both were born in St. Joseph, Missouri. Both married and had off springs.

I've discovered that Isabella passed on Sept 15, 1938 due to complication of giving birth to twins.  She was buried with one of  her babies in Denver, Colorado. Her husband, Ezekiel Nickerson passed in 1942. I don't know when but, the Nickerson younger children lived with their Aunt Ruth NICKERSON WHITE in  Texas. Ezekiel wasn't able to care for his children due to his illness.

 I came across more info on Charles during late February of 2016. I stumble across info and discovered that he passed on Sept 13, 1937 in Manhattan, New York. He was married to a lady by the name of Lula. Charles' body was brought back to St. Joseph, MO for burial.

It's sad to discover that these siblings passed with a year and two days apart.  Charles, at age 47, was the first adult sibling to pass. Isabella, at age 40, was the first adult sister to pass. Their lives were cut too short.

I've come across some of Isabella's descendants on facebook. Charles had descendants by his  first wife, Meta (HUGHES) LANKFARD BEARD. Their daughter was Lelia Laura (LANKFORD) THOMPSON HILL. Lelia had a son named Charles LANKFORD. I hope come across some of Charles Edward LANKFARD's descendants.

I'm still searching for info on the deaths of the other siblings: Frederick A. LANKFARD, Nymadula "Nym" LANKFARD and  Anna Alice (LANKFORD) SMIITH.  Frederick and Nym most likely passed in NY. Anna Alice passed in St. Joseph, Missouri. The info on these siblings has been hard to track down.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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