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Who Was Chas Langford? (1885 - 1937)

(1885 - 1937)
I came across this tombstone a while ago. I can't recall the year. Perhaps, it was between 1989 to 2000.  I was walking and looking for graves in the sections where my relatives were buried.  While I was there, I took photos of all the surnames of Lankford, Lankfard and Langford that I could find.

Back when I came across the above tombstone, I thought that he was a relative. I checked the Missouri Death records. I couldn't locate this Chas Langford.  But, as I came across more info, he didn't match up with my relatives.

Well, that was what I thought. Through years of searching, I stumbled across  more information in February 2016. This Chas Langford was related to my family.  But, it's ironic. There were some things on the tombstone that didn't match up.

How strange. I had forgotten all about this photo. It wasn't until the week I came across that info on Charles that this photo came to my thinking.  And I thought as I saw it again, This was Charles Edward Lankford / Lankfard's tombstone.  He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANFORD / LANKFARD.

Another mystery uncovered. I don't know why Charles' surname was spelled LANGFORD. He's birth year was incorrect. He was born in the year 1890. I was 5 years older according to the tombstone. 

The only thing that I can think of....the informant on Charles' death info gave this info. I'm assuming that this person was Charles' 2nd wife whose name was Lula. The burial place was incorrect as well. Charles was buried in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri not in  Greenville Cemetery.

I hope to find more on this Lula Langford. Now, I have another mystery.  I can't locate any more info on this Lula. It's strange. There were 2 other Lula Lankford's in this family. So many same name relatives.

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Who Was Chas Langford?
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a.k.a Charles Edward Lankfard
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