Sunday, May 1, 2016

May In Remembrance: The DADE Family Connections

 Remembering BirthDays and DeathDates: Family Connections: In May

May of 1847  ~  Mary Ann (VENOY) DADE was believed to have been born.
She was the wife of Louis Newton DADE.

May of 1882 ~  Rosa May (CARTER) HENDRED was believed to have been born.
She was the wife of Lewis / Isaac HENDRED.
On May 3 ~ Artie W. MANLEY passed in 2000.

On May 4 ~ Nesbeth Inez (HENDRED) REYNOLDS passed in 2013.

On May 7 ~  Goldie DADE was born in 1884.

On May 7 ~  Lloyd Melton DADE was born in 1916.

On May 7  ~  Lula M. BLAKLEY was born in 1947.


On May 9   ~ Sarah Bell (LANKFORD) JOHSON passed in 1995. She was the daughter of Leo Sr. and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD / LANKFARD. She was married to Rev Aile J. JOHNSON.   

On May 13 ~ Ruby Bee (MANLEY) CLAY passed in 2013.

On May 13  ~ Hazel Catherine (DADE) KING passed in 1990.
On May 18  ~ Mindolyn (TATE) CLAY born in 1931.

On May 19  ~
Lelia Laura (LANKFORD) THOMPSON- HILL passed in 1960.

On May 19  ~ Comezell Z. WALKER Sr. passed in 1964

 On May 19 ~ Leo "Sam" LANKFORD Jr. passed in 1964

On May 19  ~ Floyd HENDRED passed in 1981.

On May 20  ~ Leahy L. CRAYTON was born 1911.

On May 20 ~ Lula N. MADISON was born in 1916.

On May 23  ~ A still born child of Robert and Charotta (DADE) LANKFORD in 1893

On May 23 ~ Geraldine M. (OVERTON) HENDREND was born in 1923.

On May 25  ~ Thelma Rowen (LANKFORD) JACKSON passed in 1961.

On May 26 ~ Christina JOHNSON passed in 1985. She was the daughter of The Rev. Alie J. JOHNSON and Sarah Belle (LANKFORD) JOHNSON.

On May 28 ~ Doris Ivy (MANLEY) CLAY born in 1920. She was the daughter of William Arthur MANLEY and Luella (HENDRED) MANLEY.

On May 28  ~ Zella B. (HENDREDS) BAILEY  passed in 1958. She was the daughter of George Edward HENDREDS and Anna Rena ROBINSON HENDREDS.

On May 30 ~  Leo LANKFORD Sr. was born in 1884. He was the son of Robert L. and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

On May 30 ~    Melvin Milford "Trix" COLLINS was born in 1907.  He was the husband of Julia Mary BROWN COLLINS. ~ The Louis Newton DADE and Mary Ann VENOY DADE Family Connections

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