Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Searching For My Family Connections: DNA Matches ~ Hoping to find more relatives

I'm still on my journey's quest to find out more on my family history. I've been coming across more clues last week. I've been looking into DNA matches.

I did my DNA testing a few years ago.  I was curious to find out what ethnicity region my ancestors came from. I was surprised by my results. I'm 24% European.

I've found about 10 searchers who matched my DNA. I've found a common relative on their family tree. I'm going through others who has some kind of match with me. I made a discovery on my LANKFORD / LANKFARD - NICKERSON Family Connections last week. I have more relatives living in California.

I don't understand the DNA make up. I don't know how to read the data. I have found a cousin who does. She said that we are related. We don't know which branch. I hope we find that family connections.

It's interesting to come across relatives in the way of DNA. It's a challenge, when we don't know the missing pieces to make the connections. I have some missing info on some of my ancestors.  I hope to find relatives to fill in the missing pieces. I hope I can fill in theirs. All it takes, is a name, a place and a date to make that family connections.

I've been looking for descendants of my Great Aunt Isabella V. (LANKFORD) NICKERSON. She married Ezekiel Watson NICKERSON in Denver Colorado in 1920 . They had about 9 or 10 children. I come across info on majority of the children. I'm still searching for info on siblings Robert Eugene NICKERSON and Lydia / Leona NICKERSON. 

I've come across some of Nathan Welcome NICKERSON (1921 - 2007) descendants. Recently, I came across some info and descendants of Betina "Betty" (NICKERSON) SIMS YOUNG (1926 - 2012). I've located some descendants.

It's been a challenge finding what I have. I'm thankful that others are searching as well. I know I couldn't have seen the family connections without the help of others. Thank You, Jesus!

May we believe that we can find our long-lost relatives.
May those who what to know their family history, search for it.
May we remember that we all are the descendants of Adam and Eve.

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

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