Saturday, December 31, 2016

Made Some Progress in 2016: Hoping to Make More Discoveries in 2017

Happy Last Day of 2016! I made some progress over this year. I came across more family connections on my father's same. Most of the connections were through the DNA matches.

I believe that there are more cousins out there. They are searching to find more on their family history What will do they know, if they keep searching the leads that they have, they might find more if they don't give up.

I've learned that when I kept searching, I came across more clues to follow up on. It takes time to search from information. We can guess at things. But, things have to match up in the long run.

I hope that you have discovered more on your family connections. I hope that you can add more to your family tree. I'm thankful for those who have added more to family connections.

I thank God for those who are reaching out. And those who are interested in finding more connections through the DNA route.  I hope to find more family connections.

Thanks for reading.
God Bless you.S.A. Blakley

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