Friday, June 30, 2017

Reflections On This Website

I began this site on June 30, 2009. Here's my first entry. It's been a long journey in the making. I've come a long ways since then.

I choose June 30th because it was my Great Grandpa Isaac Blakey's birthday. Well, actually that was the day that was given to him. I've made a lot of discoveries on him as well.

I have come in contact with many long lost relatives. I believe that I will come across more in the future. There are people searching for their ancestors. They want to learn more about their family connections.

At some point while working on this site, I decided to divide my family connections.
I have In Remembrance of ....

My BARTLETT Family Connections.
My Blakey / Blakley  /WHITE Family Connections site

My DADE Family Connections
My WASHINGTON / ALLEN / WALTERS Family Connections.

I'm trying to make it easier to put family members in groups. I didn't think about it in the beginning. I didn't have many people on my list back then. And now, I see that my list is growing. There are common name relatives on both sides of my parents' sides. It's confusing.

I hope that you are finding your family connections. Our ancestors left us paper trails of their lives. We all will leave paper trails for whosoever will search. I'm leaving some trails of my family connections for the past decades. I figure, those who are searching will seek. And they will find more if they search deep enough.

I believe that I have found some clues that my ancestors left. I can't prove some of it. It's a mystery until someone can see the family connections. Yet, still, I wait. Or until the next generation will pick up where those who have gone before them, leaving papers trials on the journey.

May we leave a legacy behind for others to follow after.
God bless you.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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