Monday, August 10, 2009


Let us say 20 years from 1989 - 2009;

All the information written, photographs, video, tapes, etc...
about the BLAKEY /WHITE Family is in hands of some curious descendant.

The information that has been compiled may be questioned by the next generation(s).
They may notice some things that we did not see or take notes on...

1.) Where does so and so fit on the BLAKEY/WHITE lineage?

2.) Which John, Spencer, Isaac etc with the same names?

3.) What about some family resembles?

4.) What about the mulatto descendants? Half Blacks? Indian? Whites? and Etc?

5.) What about the BLAKEY/WHTIE descendants residences?


7.) Why does the WHITE surname stand out?

8.) Where did each family member resided after being separated as slaves?

9.) When was the first "Reunion" of the BLAKEYs and WHITEs? Who decided to have such a gathering?

10.) How was Forest Green, MO the "HOME GROUND" for the earlier BLAKEY's and WHITE'?

11.) Who were the BLAKEY/WHITE children's: Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and etc?

12.) When did the family reunite after slavery?

13.) How could Isaac(at age 12-16) run away in the Middle of MO to half way down to MS?

14.) Why did Isaac and maybe others keep the BLAKEY surname? And the others...the WHITE surname?

15.) How could Isaac not realize that his mother and family where in Natchez, MS around 1860 -1865? He was there in the area.

16.) What is the BLAKEY/WHITE Family History?

17.) What happened to the lost BLAKEYs/WHITEs that were forgotten? Spencer#1 , Mary and etc...

18.) What photographyy exit? Any of the Slaves? Their children etc?

19.) What about the reunions? Who held them? When? Where? Who attened? What's recorded/written from the reunions?

20.) Any famous relatives? Who made history?

21.) Where there any relatives that remained you of some another relative?

22.) Did Andrew WHITE have siblings with surname WHITE? Isaac, Spencer, Ben, Lydia, Linda, Mary or John?

23.) If the Mother was born 1819 -1823,could she have had other children before 1841?

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