Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family History Review

It was on June 28, 2008 that I discovered that my Great Grand Mother Julia White
was on the 1880 census. Something on the inside of me jumped for joy
when I saw her name on my computer screen. I said out loud, "Thank You, Jesus!"

I started singing and praising God. I keep looking at the screen.
I have located my ancestors. What an accomplishment.

I looked at the names that followed after my Great Grandmother.
Her son, my Great Grandpa Isaac with the White surname.
The other names were familiar too. I thought yes, I have found my ancestors.

I noticed some things about my ancestors lives by reading this census.
There were three generations living in one household. The family stayed together.

I had my heart's desire to find out who my ancestors were.
I am thankful for the leading of the Holy Spirit.
I had thought that my Great Grandmother had passed by 1880.
There were not family record of who my Great Grandfather's name was.
I thought the day was on August 7 , 2007. Mystery Solved.

I thank God for putting the desire in me to search for my family history
May I continue on this search for information by the grace of God.

I'm still making new discoveries. This past week I was searching.
I came across more information through death records and census returns.
My mind is wondering. I'm finding more pieces to the puzzle. My quest continues.

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