Saturday, October 17, 2009

Longevity On The Family Lineage

I was noticing some of the lives of my ancestors.
I mean their ages and how long they lived.
Some had long lives.
While many had lives too short.

My father, David lived to be 76 in 1989.
My mother, Lula lived to be almost 80 in 2000.

My father's father, John lived to be about 47 in 1918.
My father's mother, Jennie lived to be about 42 in 1926.
My mother's father, Leo lived to be about 70 in 1954.
My mother's mother, Mary lived to be about 86 in 1975.

My mother's mother's mother, Anna Laura lived to be about 80 in 1947.

These Ancestors Were Former Slaves:
My father's father's father, Isaac lived to be about 72 in 1917.
My father's father's mother, Martha lived to be about 24 in 1871.
My mother's father's father, Robert lived to be about 67 in 1919
My mother's father's mother, Charlotta lived to be about 72 in 1924.

My father's mother's mother, Harriette lived to be about 60 in 1909.

There were a wide range of ages.
My ancestors had longevity in their blood.
The following ones were former slaves:

I came across my 2nd Great Grandma Juila at 60, my 3rd Great Grandma Lillie at 93, and my 4th Great Grandma Hannah at 115 on 1880 Census. Than there was my 2nd Great Grandma Frances at 100 on the 1900 census. I don't know how long these women lived.

Thank God for good health and longevity.
May the LORD bless each generation.
May we live long and healthy.

On The Journey: Longevity On The Family Lineage

Julia was my father's father's father's mother.
Lillie was my mother's mother's mother's mother's Grandma.
Hannah was my father's mother's Grandma.
Frances was my mother's father's mother's mother.

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