Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Family Discovery

Back on this date in 1981, I made the discover that made me more interested in my family history. I heard that Great Grandpa was a different person. Our family surname was spelled differently. Also I learned that Great Grandfather, Isaac who fought during the Civil War.

I got to met my Grandpa John's sister in law, Mary for the first and only time. She was part American Indian and Irish. This trip was the start of my journey. I began to search more on my family history.

On that Saturday evening on October 31, 1981, it was a time to remember. I was so excited to learn more about my family history. It made me wonder about what I heard.

My Great Grandpa Isaac fought in the Civil War. He was an ex slave. My Grandpa John died in a covered wagon. Yankton South Dakota is along way from St. Joseph Mo. That was a long ride up North

I still search for more family history. I'm discovering more. The leads seem little but my imagination is growing. I want to discover more about my family history.

On My Journey....
A Family Discovery

As I keep searching, things come up.
May I discover more.

Thank You, Jesus for the leads.

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