Friday, January 1, 2010

It's A New Year

Happy New Year!

My quest for the family history continues. I don't know what I will discover this year. I hope that I will locate my Great Grandma Laura WALTERS and her daughter Mary and step children on the 1900 census.

There is so much out there. I don't know where to look for things. There are some family reunions in the works on my father's side and mother's side this year.

2010 is a census year too. I hope to add more to the family tree. There are so many cousins out there. Long lost relatives.

I have my blog entries set for this year. I hope to add more stories along this journey. Most of what I have are blogs that I've already written. There were some blogs I have updated.

I started this website to combine all of what I have written in one location. I'm recording what I find along the way.

Have A Great 2010!

Happy Searching,

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