Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recording Our Lives

There are things in our life that we do, we may not consider. We're recording our lives. There are others who are watching us. But at times do we realized that?

Our lives, no matter how long or short it maybe, will have something to say for those who are watching us. We all note things about one another. Things that we point out and have some things to say about what we do.

If we set back and review our lives we can note some things that we do or have been doing. Things that has given us a signature about our live. We all have something as a signature.

It may be what we always wore. For example sunglasses, hats, certain kind of clothing that we took on in our lifetime. This signature is something that leaves us an image of what we are associated with.

Then we when we recall a person's life, we should think of the good. And there are some things that are unusual about others. What we do lead us to what others perceive in us.

Indeed our lives are being recorded. May we realize that others are watching us. May we reflect humility and not to be prideful. May we see the beauty that others have in them. Amen!

On The Journey ....
Recording Our Lives

There are people who are watching us.
What we do leaves some kind of impression.
Whether it's for influence or for causing others to stumble.
Remember God is watching TOO!


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