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The Frances Ovington Dade Connection: # 3.) Louis Newton DADE

3.) Louis Newton DADE

Louis was born on October 16, 1847 in Lewis County Missouri.
He passed away on February 18, 1937 in Canton, Missouri.
He married Mary Ann Venoy.
Louis and Mary had 11 children.

1.) Japlin G. Dade
(1870 - 1910)
Japlin was married a Mrs. Nancy Moore

2.) Mary Bell Dade
(1872 - 1949)
She was listed as single on her death record.

3.) Margaret / Maggie Elizabeth Dade(1873 - 1954.)
Margaret had a daughter named Julia.

4.) Noah Den / ie Dade
(1877 -1975)
Den was married to Louetta / Etta Robinson.
They had 8 children
Elizabeth J. Nickerson, Hazel Catherin King, Louis P. "Louie" Dade, Mary Alice Dade,
Unnamed Dade, Gladys S. Richard, Raymond Dade and Robert Lee Dade

5.) Diana Dade ( born about 1877)

6.) Isaac Dade ( born about 1879)

7.) Pearl Dade( born about 1881).
Pearl was married to Belle Cotton.
They had 3 children.
Roy Dade
(1894- 1960)
 Clarence N. Dade
(1905 - 2003)
Catherin B. / Cathery
( born about 1908)

Continuing with the children of Louis and Mary Ann Dade
8.) George Dade
(born about 1883)

9.) Goldie / Golden Adom Dade
(1884 - 1920)

10.) Money / Mone Dade
(1888 - 1940)
Mone was married to
Madge B. Clark
(1879 - 1973)

11.) John Wesley Dade
(born about 1891)
John was married to Helen Holder.
They had a son,
Lloyd Milton Dade

I  have searched the census, marriage and death record for Louis Newton Dade's family.
That was were I found the above information.
Here's a few things I came up with.

On The 1870 census
Louis was listed with the name spelled Lewis Dade, age 23 MO born 1847.
Appeared living with parents, Isaac and Franky Dade.
His wife, Mary and their son Gilman born 1870.
Gilman could have been Japlin G? year of birth 1866.
I couldn't find Japin on the 1870 census.

On The 1880 Census
Louis was listed as Lewis Dade, age 33, MO born 1847,
Married to Mary R. Dade, Listed with 6 children;
Japlin, Mary, Margaret, Diane, Dennie and Isaac.

On The 1990 Census
Louis was listed as Louis BATES age 52, MO Born Oct 1847.
Wife, Mary A. BATE, married age 30; 1870
Louis was listed with 7 children
Mary, Margaret, Pearl, George, Golden, Money, Wesley
and one grandson, Roy who was Pearl's son.
Wife, Mary A. was the mother of 11
with 10 living when the 1900 census was taken.
Don't know if that could have been Gilman?

On The 1910 Census
Louis was listed as Lewis Dade, age 62, MO, Born about 1848,
Married to Mary A. Dade with 4 sons, Pearl, Golden, Mane (Mone), and Weslie.
They lived on 11th Street.

On The 1920 Census
This was the first time Louis was listed as Louis N. Dade, age 72 MO, Born about 1848,
Widowed. Lived with daughter, Maggie (Margaret) and Maggie's daughter, Julia born about 1903.
They lived at 1013 Grand Street. Louis owned the home.

On The 1930 Census
Louis was listed as Louis Dade age 83, MO born about 1847. Widowed,
Listed with daughter, Margaret born about 1879 and her daughter, Julia born about 1913 
and it; wrong year. Lived on Grant Street Louis owned his home.
His job was curvier: bones and shell work .

Piecing The Story Together:
Frances OVINGTON DADE was listed as 101 on the 1900 MO census.
According to the 1900 census, she was listed having 14 children.
7 were living at the time when the census was taken.

So far, I've come across 4 of the 14 children of Frances Ovington Dade.

1.) Louisa Jane / Janie Dade Washington
Mrs. David Washington
1826 - 1910)

2.) Mary Ann Dade Madison
Mrs. William Madison(1836 - 1921)

3.) Louis Newton Dade
A.K.A. Louis "Lew" Dade

(1847 - 1937)

4.) Charlotta / Charlottie Dade Lankford
Mrs. Robert Lewis Lankford(1852 - 1924)

The Journey Continues...
Hoping to find Another Frances OVINGTON DADE Connection

But who was Frances DADE OVINGTON to me?
Frances was the mother of Charlotta DADE LANKFORD.
Charlotta was the mother of Leo LANFORD Sr.
Leo Sr. was the father of Lula my mother.
me, Susan

Thanks for reading.
I hope some of the descendants of Louis Newton Dade find this blog.
Below is Louis Newton's death record.
Staying On The Ovington Dade Connection.

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