Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Been A Year

I started this family history site a year ago on June 30, 2009. It's coming along OK. I've posted dated a lot of blogs through the year 2012. I'm working on 2013.

Most of what I have posted, I wrote before on another site. I post about 2 to 5 blogs a month. I never thought to have a site just for my family history information.

I'm glad that I started this site. I can return to my site and see what I have written. As I've been looking back over some things, I see that there were some ancestors that I have not written about.

I've been future posing all my blogs. This year's blogs for my family history are already set. This is a bonus blog. Just an update.

My research is coming along OK. There are more people I've added to the family tree. I'm surprised by what I've been finding.

There are times when I have a lot of information to add. Then there are times, I can't find any thing. So, I've learn to go back over what I've found. By doing this I find out a little more.

Last month I had some leads on Mattie White, the daughter of Andrew and Julia White. She was the sister of Isaac BLAKEY. I'm not for sure if I have the correct Mattie. But it appears to be her.

I'm back tracking. The Mattie White that I have located was a widow. She had 5 children according to the 1900 census. One child was not born yet. But on the 1910 census there was on child not living.

The Mattie White that I heard of never married. I don't know. But, Julia had a daughter named Martha White who was a widow. She was listed on the 1880 census. I don't know if Martha and Mattie could have been the same person.

If so, this Mattie White that I found could be the right one. I still have questions if this is the same person. Did Mattie or Martha marry a man with the White surname? Or did she never married but, had children?

What was in common with the Mattie that I found on the 1900 -1930 census? Ella White--She was one of Mattie's daughter. I found Ella White on the 1900 and 1910 census with a Mattie White.

Also, there was an Oressia White Hereford on the 1910-1930 census with Mattie White. There was another clue. There was a William Carr listed on the 1930 census. (Bob) Ella BENTLEY CARR had a son named Willard Carr.

That's how, I think that I have to correct Mattie White. I hope some time in the near future to come across some of Mattie White's descendants. If not, I have posted this blog entitled "On the Assumption of the Life Of Mattie WHITE" on

Also I've added more to the DADE side. There is a searcher what added Louisa Jane / Janie DADE WASHINGTON to Frances Ovington and Isaac DADE as their daughter born in KY. The Dade tree is growing too. (I came across one more DADE search on June 27, 2010.)

One more thing for this month. I came across a book that mentioned Great Uncle Nymudula LANKFARD's name. about seven times. He was married to Hattie McDaniel for about 16 years. I'm trying to find our more on Great Uncle Nym.

Here is the book: Hattie McDaniel Black Ambition; White Hollywood by Jill Watts. I ordered the book. It has not arrived yet. ( That Fred Lankfard mentioned in the book was Nym's brother.)

While On The Family History Journey,
It's Been A Year

I'm still searching.
I believe that there is more out there.
I hope others will search for their ancestors as well.
That's how the family tree grows.

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