Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Who Was Martha Scott Blakey?

There is little know about my Great Grandmother, Martha Scott. I've been searching for years for information about her. I think I can write something about her.

Martha Scott was born about 1847 in Mississippi. That's were she met my Great Grandpa, Isaac BLAKEY (1845-1917). That was about a year or so after they were married. They married about 1870 in Wilkinson County, MS.

Isaac and Martha had at least two sons. They were twin sons; John BLAKEY who was my Grandfather John BLAKEY (1871 - 1918). and Andrew BLAKEY (1871-1871). They were born on 21 June 1871 on Hew Davis Plantation, in Woodlong MS.

According to Isaac's pension records, Martha and Andrew passed away. I can assume that Martha died after giving birth some time in June 1871. She would been about 23 or 24 years old. I'm not for sure when Andrew pass on.

I've searched the 1870 census for Mississippi. There is a Martha Scott in Wilkerson County MS. She was born about 1847.

I can use my imagination on how things could have been. But I have questions. Who were Martha's parents? Who were her siblings? How did Martha met Isaac?

Perhaps Great Grandma Martha was a slave on Hew Davis Plantation or worked there after slavery. Great Grandpa Isaac some how came to where Great Grandma Martha was. He was a MS. Union Private during the Civil War from 1863 -1866.

The questions and assumptions can go on and on. Even though I don't know much about my Great Grandma Martha, she was apart of my family lineage. I am one of her offspring.

May those who search for their ancestors continue on the journey. May what we don't know keep us to keep moving forward. May we see some kind of answers to the questions we seek some day in time. Amen.

While On The Journey
Who Was Martha Scott Blakey?

My Great Grandma Blakey
I believe that she believed upon Jesus.
And I will get to met her and all the rest.


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