Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family History 2010 Journey: Part 1 New Information

It's been a great year searching on the family history. I came across a lot of information. There were names that I've added to the family tree. There were some people and relatives I've met for the first time.

Here are just a few things I came across.

I came across another connection on Frances Ovington Dade. This branch is on my mother's father's mother Charlotta Dade Lankford. Charlotta had a sister named Louisa Jane Dade Washington. Louisa has a lot of offspring. I came across about 3 or 4 searchers searching the Louisa Dade Washington lineage.

I came across something on my mother's father's father, Robert Louis Lankford. On the 1870 census Robert / Lewis Langford lived on the same block as his future sister in law, Mary Dade Madison. I think Robert went by Louis at times.

I came across something about my mother's father, Leo Lankford. According to Leo's World War II draft registration, he was paralyzed in the left hand and leg since he was four years old. I noticed in some photos Grandpa Leo held his hand a certain way. There are some photos with him with a cane.

I came across something on my mother's mother's mother, Anna Laura Washington Allen Walters. Anna was the mother of three children. I thought that the Walter children were Anna's step children. Anna went by Laura at times. But, I think her first name was Anna.

I came across John Nelson who was Anna Laura Walters grandson by her another daughter, "Bonita"/ Mary who was a Walters. John died in Atchison, Kansas in 1976. I don't know happened to John's parents. John's mother was listed as a widow on the 1910 census.

I came across something on my father's mother, Jennie Bartlett Blakley Lyle. She remarried some time in 1920 to a CHILTON Lyle. I thought her 2nd husband's first name was CHELTON.

Jennie knew Chilton about July of 1919. They had a child named Dorothy born April of 1920. The child later died July of 1920. Not for sure if Dorothy and a twin?

There were two death records. One with Dorothy's name on it. The other with Davis name on it. One died on July 3, 1920. The other on July 5, 1920.

I came across some information that I'm not for sure on my father's father John Blakley. Or  aka John Blakey. There was a black, John Blakey listed in the Kansas City, Missouri area around 1900.

I don't know if it was my Grandpa John. John married Jennie Bartlett in Excelsior Springs, Clay County, Missouri. John married with the BLAKEY surname.

However, John's surname was spelled BLAKYE on the marriage record. Also John was listed from Carrollton, Missouri while Jennie BARTEL was from St. Joseph, Missouri.

I came across some things I've overlooked on the Blakey White family. My father's father's father's mother, Julia White had a granddaughter named, Rebecca White.

On the 1880, Rebecca was listed as mulatto born in Missouri. Her parents were born in Virginia. I don't know if Rebecca carried the White surname. I can assume that Rebecca's parents passed away and Julia took care of her.

I've been searching for Mattie White and her daughter Ella Bentley Carr. I'm still looking into that. I came across an Ella White listed with Mattie who had 5 children...

I can't locate where Mattie and Ella passed away. Mattie died about 1947. Ella died about 1923.  This information was from family reunion booklets.

I found out about Richard "Dick" White's 2nd wife, Belle Stapleton. Her name was Mary Belle Brooks. She was the widow of David Stapleton. David and Belle had three children.

I'm still coming across information. I believe that there is more out there. I believe through time, I may stumble across some more clues. I don't have all the living descendants on the family tree.

Through the years I've been adding names to the family tree. Maybe some day, I'll come across more of the relatives that I don't know about. I'll add them to the list too. The family tree keeps growing.

My Quest Continues...
Staying On The Journey,Susan

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