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In Memory Of Mary Allen Lankford

I read this as a question: What do you like the most about your grand parents? I approach this question in another way. What I remember and discovered about my Grandma Mary.

For those who know me, I'm on a journey. I am searching information about my ancestors. I thought to share this on this day. I came across that question about a month ago.

(This blog was in 2009. I made some update.) I'm keeping warm the best way that I know how. Try to KEEP Warm. God Bless you.

Photo: Grandma Mary with her husband, Leo Lankford Sr. with their son Robert Louis Lankford.

My grandparent on my father's side. My father's father, John Blakley. passed on July 10, 1918. My father's mother, Jennie Bartlett passed on December 27, 1926. That's well before I was born.

My grandparents on my mother's side.
My mother's father, Leo Lankford. passed on in September of 1954. That's well before my time too. However, I got the honor to meet my mother's mother, Mary Allen Lankford.

Grandma Mary was born on December 21, 1889 in St. Joseph, Missouri. A matter of fact, Grandma Mary lived just about four houses away. I didn't have far to go to Grandma's house.

Here was what I remember and discovered about Grandma Mary. She stayed at our home for a short while. She fell in her house and some of her children were taking turns taking care of her.

I recall when Grandma Mary was in our house. We were in the front room. Grandma was cleaning out her purse. She handed my mother something. Grandma told my mother to give it to me. It was a tumble. I still have the tumble today.

I also remember that someone took a picture of Grandma Mary, with two of her daughters. One my mother and her sister, my Aunt Betty. I have a photo of my Grandma Mary, My mother, Lula and Aunt Betty.

There are some things that I did not think about back then. Grandma was about 85 years, 11 months and 14 days when she passed on on November 7, 1975. She was buried next to her husband at Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.

My mother wanted me to I stayed home from school that day of her mother's funeral. I didn't go to the funeral. But, I did get to see her body. Her body was the very first died person I saw in a coffin. It was weird. It was like Grandma was just sleeping.

Over the years of my family history research, I discovered some things about my Grandma Mary. She was the only child born from my Great Grandma Anna Laura Washington.

There wasn't much known about Grandma Mary's father, William Robert Allen. He was born in Georgetown, Missouri about 1861. He worked on a farm. I assume that he died not to long after Grandma Mary was born. I have not found much information on him.

Grandma Mary's mother, Anna Laura WASHINGTON was listed as mulatto. She was half black and another race. She was born in St. Joseph, on June 13, 1867 to a William / John and Susan (LEACH) Washington. I found more on Anna's through her death records.

Grandma Mary was said to have been half American Indian. Her birth record stated that she was mulatto. My Grandma Mary stated that she was black even though she was less than half black.

My Grandma Mary was fair skinned with freckles. In her early days, she had long coal black hair. 

At times I heard that Grandma Mary was a Walters. Her mother, Laura remarried to a Thornton Walters. She had a son named Joseph Walter and daughter named Mary "Bonita" Walters. Grandma Mary married my Grandpa Leo. They had 11 children.

I thank God that I got the honor to have met one of my grandparents. I believe there will come a day when I will get to met the others ones who called upon the Lord. What a reunion that will be!

What I like most about my grandparents?
They called upon the name of Jesus to be saved.
They birth my parents.

Most of my Great Grandparents on my parents sides were born in slavery.
That makes me the third generation born after slavery.
I am thankful for my family lineage.

I was born for a purpose.
I was not born by accident.
Thank You, Jesus.

May all have a Good Day!

Staying On The Family History Journey,

The words of the LORD are pure words, Like silver tried in a furnace of earth, Purified seven times. NKJV Psalm 12:6

Say to wisdom, "You are my sister," And call understanding your nearest kin, NKJV Proverbs 7:4

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