Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who Was Rachel Blakey?

What have I found on my Great Grandfather Isaac second wife, Rachel? In the beginning Rachel was just a name. But, there my research, that name was more than just a name.

I first saw a picture of Rachel and Great Grandpa Isaac on Saturday, Oct 31, 1981. I was visiting my Great Aunt Mary "Lovie" Kinney Blakey in Yankton, South Dakota. Great Aunt Mary was my Grandpa John's sister in law. Mary was married to Spencer Blakey.

Rachel was a former slave from MS. She was John's step mother. She raised John as her own child. He was about 3 when Rachel married his father. Rachel was said to have been half Spanish and Creo.
I've do some searching for information on family history,  I'm not for sure what Rachel's maiden name was. I think it could have been LEFRIDGE or LEPHRIDGE. That was the name on two of her children's death records in California.

I have found the name Lefew on a marriage record in MS. Then there was Lafayette on Rachel's death record. Rachel's parents were Andrew and Charity.. On Isaac Blakey's penison record, Rachel's maiden name was spelled, Lefure, Lefrige, Lefrial and Lephrige.

Rachael's surname could have been changed. Perhaps it was misspelled through the years. It could have been how the surname was pronounced. Maybe Rachel family name was changed.  Rachel wouldn't read or write.

Great Grandpa Isaac met Rachel in Wilkinson County, Mississippi. They were married on July 3, 1874 at Charles Marshall's house. The person that married them was Rev. Edward Kane (or King ). Rachel and Isaac had 18 children. ( I think that they had more than 18 children together.)

There is little that I have found on Rachel. I located her Missouri death record. Rachel was born about April 1855 in MS. She was a housewife. (However, there was another date February 16, 1857.) She passed away on March 17, 1916. According to her death record her parents were Andrew and Charity Lafayette.  Both were from Virginia.

I hope some of the BLAKEY descendants find more on Rachel. Perhaps there are some LEFTRIDGE or LEPHRIDGE descendants searching for information on Rachel. I hope they make the connections. Thanks for reading.

Staying On The Journey,

P.S.  I'm working on another blog on Great Grandpa Isaac Blakey. I re read his pension record. I found some things I've overlooked. I can so more about his life.

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