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David And Lula: 74 Yeas Ago March 28, 1937

 And the two became one.
Mr and Mrs. D.W. Blakley Sr.
In the home of Mrs. D. Blakley's mother.
Mrs. Leo (Mary) Lankford Sr.

On Sunday, March 28, 1937,
David (23 1/2) and Lula (16 almost 17) were married.
They eloped in Troy, Kansas.

Here's A Repost From Sunday, March 28, 2009.
I added some things.

From My Notes:
October 19, 1980
The [ braces] were added for clarification.

[My] mother, [Lula] and father, [David] married when others didn't want them to. They [ my parents] arranged to marry in Troy, KS in Reverend Bell's home.[ It was ] ( Just like a church) on [ Sunday] March 28, 1937.Others wanted [ my ] mother to marry O. Thomas, [ my] Uncle Vernon's brother.

Here is another story entry:
October 19, 1980

[There was ] a boy? who liked [my] mother, [Lula]. The boy was a friend of my father, [David]. He (the boy) paid [ my ] father to go out with [ my ] mother and put in some good words in for him. My father took the money and got a date for himself. They, [ my ] mother and father went together for about 2 years and got married in Troy, KS.

Another Entry:
March 1, 1986

[ My ] Father and mother [ were ] married in Troy Kansas, [ my] father made all the arrangements.Mr Lyle [ Old man Lyle was my father's step father ] couldn't read or write was a witness. They [ my mother and father ] were married on March 28, 1937.

My mother's parents didn't want them [ my parents ] to get married.
My mother's maiden name was spelled wrong on the wedding certificate.

Some Of My Thoughts:
On The 73rd Anniversary Day

I can assume on that day that my parents went to church on that Sunday.They eloped. Besides, my parents were married in the preacher's house. My father's step father, [Chilton Lyle] was a witness to this wedding.

As I recall my mother saying that she and my father were childhood sweet hearts. My mother's mother was friends with my father's mother before my parents were married. My parents lived in the same neighborhood at same time.

I recall my father speaking of what this guy who ask him, my father about my mother. This guy would ask my father.. are you reeling in my mother." I mean was my father speaking good words in for this boy. Those words that my father were speaking were for his own sake not that boy's.

I talked with my Aunt Josie. She remember this guy. She said this guy want to date my mother so bad that he ask my father to speak some good words in for him. Yeah, those words were for himself.
He got paid to do it to.

My parents had 19 children together.
I don't recall my parents ever having an argument.
They were married 52 1/2 years before my fathers passing. My mother passed away 4 days after what would have been their 63rd wedding anniversary. That was 10 years ago.

I thank God for blessing my with parents.
I am thankful that my parent had one more child born during their 26th anniversary year.
That child is me.

I am thankful that I had 25 1/2 years with my father.
And 36 years and 357 days with my mother.
I thank God I will reunite with them again.

Discoveries While On The Journey:
My Parents: 73 Years Ago


This was a reposted 2010.
March, 28, 2011
74 Years Ago

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