Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Dog Stories

Back on March the 9th 2009. I was talking out loud about a dog that ran out in 1986. My dog run away. I have a picture of my dog Bud. He was my dog.

I told him not to leave the yard when he gets untied. He wouldn't listen. One day we never saw him again. Well that was about 23+ years ago.

I don't know how I got on that subject. But one of my brother, John started talking about the first dog he remembered growing up. He said he was in the first grade when Brownie came to live with the family.

My brother said that the dog come from Grandma and Grandpa down the street. Their dog must to have had puppies. Brownie was one of them.

What my brother told me, Brownie live to be about 20. The dog died about 1964. Brownie some how lived with one of the neighbors in his latter dogs. Brownie was blind and had a hard time walking.

One day Mrs. Gibson call. She said that Brownie died. My brother didn't know what they did with Brownie's body.

Then my brother spoke of another dog that came around in the 1960's. This one was named Pete. But they later found out that Pete was having puppies.

Their was a neighbor who wanted to steal one of Pete's puppies. But Pete wouldn't let this neighbor take her puppies. Pete would always bark that this neighbor.

Then one day that neighbor throw a chair at one of the puppies. The puppy had a broken leg. My brother said that our father had to take the dogs to the dog pound.

Then we talk about dog houses. There was something that I didn't know. The house that one of our dogs lives in now is over 30 years old. Our dog Rink A Dink live in that house.

Rink A Dink died about 32 years.  That day was July 10, 1979.  One of my brothers remained me something. He said that my dog Bud wouldn't sleep in that dog house. I don't recall that.

Yeah, that dog house is still in use after 30 + years. Our dog "Sister" lives there now. The house is well lived in.

The first dog that I can remember was Fido. That dog was crazy.

Our pets are apart of our lives. Each animal that we have as pets are different. They mean things to us when we are with them. It's apart of the joy that God gives us as we go through life. I am thankful that God has given us animals to care for.

Psalm 39:4
"LORD remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered, and that my life is fleeing away.

On My Journey
Family Dog Stories

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