Friday, April 8, 2011

Desire To Compile A Book On My Family History

I have done a lot of writing over the years. I've been journaling about my family history for some time. I've thought about making a book out of what I have discovered. I'm adding more and more to the family history every year.

I have about 1624 people listed on my site. There are about 675 photos listed. The family tree is still growing.

I have a desire to compile what I have found over the years into a book. I see that my family history is very interesting. I don't want to loose what I have discovered.

I can't imagine how to begin this book. I don't know what the book cover could look like. I heard that the publishers choose the cover etc...

As For Dedication:
I would dedicate this book to family members seeking to know more
and to those who want to continue adding information to the family tree.

As For Acknowledgement:
I would mention some of the people who helped me out on my quest.
I know without help, I couldn't have found what I have found.
I thank God for the leads.

As For The Introduction:
I would share what I know in the beginning of my search.
I have some blogs on this subject.

      Table Of Content:
      I don't know for sure...
      Maybe something like this...

1    Where It All Begin....  

      How I got interested in searching my family history?
      What inspired me to keep searching?
      What were some of my question that I had?
      Some of the question that I still have.

2    My Blakley Family Quest:
      Family pedigree chart listing all the direct ancestors
      The branches....

3    My Father's Side:
      Blakley Blakey/ White
      Why Blakey / White?
      Share some insights
      Article: "Slavery Descendants Have First Reunion"
      Some family reunion information

4    My Mother's Side:
      Lankford / Lankfard
      Why Lankford / Lankfard?
      Share some insights
      Family Reunion information

5    My Parents and Siblings      Family Photo
      Share some things

6    Mysteries:       Blogs that I wrote about relatives
     The Assumptions Of The Life Of....

7   The Family History Journey Continues:
     Those seeker who want to search for more...

8   Words To Future Generations:
      Leaving a legacy to future generations

9    What's Next?
      It's up to those who want to keep searching

      Summary / Conclusion      The Journey Continues    

May we see our hearts desires come to pass.
Desire To Compile A Book On My Family History
Staying On The Family History Journey,

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