Friday, April 1, 2011

Update On Search

I've been coming along on my journey's quest. At times, I search I come up with one or two leads. I keep searching. I believe that something will show up.

I have been finding grave site on relatives on Find A Grave. I have been adding some memorials on that site as well.  I'm adding people with the surnames on my family tree. Armstrongs, Bartletts, and so forth.... I'm up to 127 memorials. Here's my site on Find A Grave.

Here are a few that I have found on Find A Grave
Ollie and Margaret (Cason) Blakey
Archie Blakey

Martha Blakey Hays

John Blacke who I believe was John Blakey
John Blakey who married Jennie Bartlett Blakley Lyle  Jennie's memorial listing her children and John Blakey

Ollie, Archie, and Martha were the children of Isaac and Rachael (Leftridge) Blakey

John was the son of Martha Scott Blakey, first wife of Isaac Blakey Martha's memorial  

Robert Louis Lankford husband of Charlotta Dade
James and Sarah "Sallie Lankford

James was the son of Robert and Charlotta.

Anna Laura Walters
Joseph Walters
who was the son of Anna

I have come across some obituaries.
On my father's side Blakley Blakey/ White
John Houston who married Rennie / Rena White
Rena was the daughter of Richard and Jane White.
(A lady was nice enough to share this with me. )

Willard J. Carr who was the son of Ella Bentley.
Ella was the daughter of Mattie White.

Willie M. Winfrey who was the daughter of Richard and Jane White
I may have some thing on Jane White's death.

On my mother's side. Lankford Dade

The Dade Washington Hendred Connections
Ray O. Hendred
Gertude HendredAnd the sisters of Ray Hendred and one brother.

I'm still searching.
I hope to find more clues along the journey.
My journey continues,

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