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Dogs In The Family & Neighbor Dogs

The First dog that I can remember in my family was "Fido". I don't know what breed of dog "Fido" was. What I remember about "Fido", he was iffy iffy.

He would be good to us. He was a happy dog. And at times turn on us. "Fido" would attack people if he though we were in danger.

Then again, there was a time when I was out in the back yard helping my Father clean up. I bent over to pick up something. All of a sudden "Fido" came running out of his house and charged at me biting my stomach.

Yes,"Fido" was something else. He liked to bit. He loved chasing cars tires. Well, one day our Father was going on his trash route. "Fido" broke loose and went chasing after the truck. This time "Fido" got ran over.

My Father buried "Fido" in our backyard. I was there looking on. Even though "Fido"was a crazy dog, I still like dogs.

It was until a few years ago that I learned how we got Fido. A Word of Lifer filled me in on that. The guy gave Fido to one of my brothers. I told this guy that that dog was crazy. He said that he knew that, that was why they got rid of the dog.

The second I remember was "Renk-A-Dink." We got him from a cousin. "Renk-A-Dink" was half mixture of something . I don't recall much about "Renk-A-Dink".

"Renk- A- Dink" was an old dog. He lived to until July 8th 1979. He died half way out side of his house.

Then came along other dogs that were added with the ones that we had. There was "Killer" Her real name was Terrie. She was a Terrie Poodle.

She came in September of 1977 or 78. She was given to us by our brother Charlie and his wife. They were have a baby and could not have the dog no longer.

I forgot how "Killer" her name. She was our first house dog. I remember our Uncle Ad would stop by. He would come to the door. He would call "Killer" "Door Bell." Everything the door bell would ring "Killer" would bark.

"Killer" lived the good life. My Father spoiled her. She was always by his side. In the latter days of "Killer's" life arthritis settled in. We had to put her asleep on May 10th 1989.

Then there was "Bud". He came to us during the 1980's. Our brother Danny had this dog. I name the dog, "Bud". He was so small as a puppy. He was like a bud. He was in the house for a little while.

What was so special about "Bud", he would bow to me. He was so friendly. He loved getting untied and ran the neighborhood. Well, one day he broke loose. I told him that he needs to stop that.

"Bud" didn't listen to me. He broke loose during the Fall of 1986. He could not found. He was not at the dog pound. We thought that someone take him in. That was my "Bud". There have been none like him.

Then there was "Misty". Her real name was "Snowball". She came during April of 1983. She was our brother Charlie's dog. He and his wife had two sons. They could no longer keep the dog.

Yeah, we had another house dog along with "Killer". They did not get along to well. "Killer'' was in the front of the house. "Misty was in the back of the house. I changed "Snowball" name to "Misty. She was a white poodle.

"Misty was spoiled too. She loved to look out the window. She would climb up on the sofa and look out the windows.

She lived a long life until she was getting old and sick. She would snap at our nephews and nieces when they came over. She had to be put to sleep in October of 1997.

Then there was "Thunder". He came into the neighborhood around 1986. He was a puppy black Lab. We think he was about 6 months old.

He loved to climb fences. Our sister Freda had some rabbits in her backyard. "Thunder" was looking at them. The would not leave.

We placed an ad in the newspaper. but no one claim the dog. So my brother Roger did. However, we ended up taking care of "Thunder". I think this was about a little bit after "Bud" left.

"Thunder" was dog number 5. But there were other dogs at did not stay long. There were at least 2 or 3. I cannot remember some of their names.

There was one dog I recall looked like Lassie. He kept running off to our neighbors. So the neighbors took him in.

Then there was another Lab. His name was J.J. Some one shot him in the leg with a be be gun. Then there was a dog who we called "Box Head". His head looked like a box.

There was "Lighting" in 1986 or 1987. He had "stampers" died on February 10, 1989. There was a puppy named "Buddy." He lived less than a week.

Back to "Thunder" he live with us up to Jan /Feb 2002. By this time, he had arthritis. He had lost his hearing but had good eye sight. When he would walk he would fall down.

On day "Thunder" broke loose. When looked for him. We could never found him. We thought that may he returned home. I checked with the dog pound. He was not there.

Then came "Spotty". He came around December of 1998. He was walking up the street when my brother, Mike found him. "Spotty" is half dalmatian mix. We ended up caring for "Spotty".

Our nephew, Roger named "Spotty". I wanted to call the dog "Spot". The dog has a lot of spots on him. One thing about "Spotty", he is hyper.

I remember one time "Spotty" came and jumped on me. I kick him. I did not hurt him. But you know what? From that day on "Spotty" does not came to me until I say so.

There were times that "Spotty" would bow down to me. There are times he would stand behind me. I never figured that on out. "Spotty" is the only dog of the 1900's. He is the oldest going on 10.

Then in 2002 came "Sister". She was given to us by our sister, Freda. I blog about "Sister" A Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Story of 2006.

"Sister kept climbing the fence. So our sister, Freda got tired of that. She and her husband had 8 dogs. "Sister's" Mother and Father and their sons.

"Sister" is still with us. She is mostly German Shepherd and some Lab. She reminds me of Scooby Do. One hear up and one down. She even has the look.

And she also reminds me of Dino on the Flintstones. She twirls when I came to her at times. She loves dog biscuits. Just like her daddy A.P. (Anthony Peeler)

One thing about "Sister", she will not move until we move off the porch. She will just look at us. Then she gets real happy when we head her way.

One thing I taught "Sister" was to sit. I won't give her dog biscuits until she sits. It took a while for her to catch on. When she knows that I have a biscuit, she will sit.

There is another dog. He is "Sister's" son, "Sunny". Sister had 6 puppies near the end of January early February 2006. We keep one. I named him "Sunny". He brighten up "Sister" and "Spotty's" life.

"Sunny's" father is one of the neighbor's dog. "Sunny" is as big as his mother. There were times when "Sunny"would hide his food tray from us. But now, he has been bringing the trays to us. He is so smart.

Out of all the dogs, "Sunny" is the only dog we kept that was born to us. That was special. Also "Sunny" is a third generation dog. We never had this before. It was not a FAMILY MYSTERY who Sunny's mother was.

This is the history of the dogs that I remember at our family home. There are other dogs that I call "cousin dogs" to our dogs on the block.

I will not go into their history. There was Sheba, Flowers, Shadow (He reminded me of "Fido". "Shadow" was crazy too), Brownie and Dragon, (Dragon is still in the neighborhood in 2011.)

The following dog have died. There was "Duke", "Luke", "Messy Marvin", "Little Bit", "Coco" ( He was a Lab who hunted down cats in the neighborhood.) Father of "Sister" "A.P.", "Sister's" mother "Babe". Sister's brothers. "A.P Jr, and another dog were given away.

There are Sister's brothers who are still with us "Butch", "R.J." ,"Angel." There is "Chico" "Buddy." I named "Buddy" he's adopted.

Oh, there is one more puppy dog, her name was "Sugar". She was "Sunny's" sister. She looks like her Grandpa A.P. and some what like her daddy too. He's the neighbor -dog. (Sugar died April of 2010.)

What I am aware of
on my journey of transformation.

Through the years, our family pets have been a part of our lives. It is so fun to have pets. I mostly like dogs. That was all I grew up with.

I think that we always had a dog or dogs around our house when I grew up. Each dog had there own personality. Some were so smart. I wondered how knew what they did.

I have grew to love dogs over the years. I like talking to our dogs. Our dogs have an idea at times what I am talking about. They have their own language as well. Yeah, they get jealous of one another too.

Staying On The Journey,

From my Book of Thanks and Blessing.
Father God, I am so thankful that You created dogs. I am thankful for the Gift of FAITH. I am so thankful for the Gift of SALVATION. I am so thankful for the Door of HOPE. I am so thankful for Unsolved FAMILY MYSTERY.

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