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Memories Of My Father, David W. Blakley Sr.

Some Thoughts / Memories On... My father, David...

This is re post from my Xanga site on Sunday, 17 June 2007
God blessed me with the honor of having a father for 25 and a half years of my life. My father was about 49 and half years older than I was.

He and my mother were already grandparents when I was born. Yeah, I was a Daddy's girl. Never had to have a whipping from my parents. Yes, I was spoiled. I was very shy and our parents' 19th child. [Indeed I am from the seed of David.]

I recall stories that some of my older siblings would share with us...That our father would take some of them to the store. There was a deal when you brought so many groceries.... you would get a wagon...Well, our father had 7 wagons for all of kids at that time.

Also, I heard that our father helped do some of the household things. He did some cooking in the early days with our mother.... He would cook some meals that were not on the market yet. Like making noddles in sauce mixing in hamburger.

And there was a snack that he would call "pudding in tane". I loved that...peanut butter mix with syrup spreading it on bread. I heard that that's on the market too.

My Dad told me that his father in law would put out the flag on my father's birthday. Yeah, my mother said that her father liked my father. Our Dad was our Grandfather's best son in law. My mother was a Daddy's girl too. [Photo of my parents in my mother's mother's house.]

I recall our father, after he had his breakfast, he would put out our lunch money on the dinning room table....the money would be in coins.. in a roll about 7 rolls or so... the earliest that I can recall, our lunch for school was about 60 cents. [That included an extra milk.]

I was told that our father helped out a lot of people in his lifetime. He was a giver of himself. Some people borrow things from him... He would help repair and built on to others houses. He even enlarge our family home over the years as our family grow.

Along with having a job, our father started a family trash business in 1939 in which he owned and operated ..... He loved to watch sports especially baseball. He loved cookies very much...We also had to have cookies in the house.

Our father was a quiet -kindhearted man and a very hard worker all his life. Our father's mother passed when our father was 13. Our father's father died when our father was about 5. Our father did not get to know his father. But our father was very fond of his Stepfather.

This year will be the 18th year since our father's passing. Our Dad departed from this life in the 52 and a half years of marriage to our mother. Our father was devoted our mother and supportive to us as a family.

I helped my mother care for our father....after he got ill...Toward the end of his life, he knew that it was time for him to go. He lived eleven more years than what the doctors thought.

Doctors were amazed how our father lived as long as he did. Our Dad was a fighter even up to the end of his life. Now our father and our mother are in presence of the LORD.

I think all fathers should be special in the eyes of the children in some way or other. I saw a lot in my father during the time I was blessed to be with him. He was the father that God choose for me. I thank God for my father. My father did the very best that he could in raising me while he was my father.

I recall my father working a lot as I was growing up, up to the time he got sick. I recall in my early days, I always wanted to help him do something in the yard. I had a closer father- daughter relationship with my father in his latter years. [Our father work a lot in my early years.]

1990 was the first Father's Day without have my father. It was not until I got the revelation in that year that I have an Heavenly Father. I was not saved but I thought that. I grew more to start back to honor Father's Day.

By 1994 I was a very happy girl. It's was like it was my first Father's Day that I had. I was saved and I got to go to my Father's House on Father's Day June 19th 1994...Juneteenth Day.

On that Father's Day I was SO HAPPY. One of my sisters told me that one of her kids ask her, why is Aunt Susie so happy on Father's Day? I have an HEAVENLY FATHER and I can honor and celebrate Father's Day.

To all you fathers out there....Thanks for being fathers! Fatherhood is a gift from God.

There are memories that children cherish of their fathers that remains in the hearts of children forever. For me I cherish the time that my father took me with him to get something when he told me to sit in the car and wait.

When he came back to start the car...we were out of gas. So we got out of the car a started walking....As we were walking my father held my hands.

[My father HELD my hands... He held my hands and prayed for me about 12 hours before his transition into the next life in the presence with Jesus.]

Another cherished memory...When I about cut off my finger...My father warned me about that sharp blade on the lawnmower but I touch it anyway. Yeah, my father rush me to the hospital and than took me to the drug store for my medicine.

He also so told me to pick out some candy while we were waiting for the medicine. [It was a big bag of candy. I think I shared it with some of my brothers and sisters.]

Those memories are still alive...we build everlasting memories in our lives from others who are apart of our lives...

For those who did not grow up with a father or did not have a good relationship with your father, I cannot imagine how you may feel. I grow up with nephews and nieces who had no father in their homes. Their mothers raised them the very best way that they could. There is a "lost"...without having a father in the home while growing up...early in life.

If you are saved, you have An Eternal Father...GOD, THE FATHER. He is our Heavenly Father forever. I see and think of having a Father in a new way. Our Heavenly Father is Someone completely different from our earthly fathers. [He is the FATHER of all fathers. He is the source of fatherhood.]

This blog was inspired as I was in the Upper Room on Thursday morning. I was seeking the LORD what to blog. I jotted down some notes and began to compose my blog on Friday and just started typing.

Then I went back in the Upper Room on Friday night before church. I reread my notes and jotted down some more notes. I prayed some more and here is my finish work. God Bless you all.

May you all Have An AWESOME Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Heavenly Father!

It's the first day of the week. I was glad when they said...

Let us go to the House of the LORD.

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