Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why Did I Start This Family History Website?

There are many reasons why I started this family history website. I can say, the main reason why; I like to record my family history. I don't want what I've discovered, be lost.

I want to share what I know about my family history so others could read the discoveries I made and may add what they know. I hope that others will be inspired to search for their family history.

Also, I can say, I'm looking out for the future generations. They might want to know some things about their past generations. They might fun it interesting to see how we lived.

Through the years, I've shared what I've been doing. I've received some comments. There have been some encouraging words of appreciation. I'm thankful for that!

I hope what I share will be helpful to those who come across or see some connection on my  family tree. Also, it's nice that others will add what they know about any one on the family tree. Any information might be of help. We'll never know if we don't share.

In all, we all have a story to share. What I'm sharing is what I have discovered on my journey. I know that there can be more to what I share. I'm just one person. There are a lot of things I don't know. (There are a lot of people on my family tree.)

As for the most of what I'm sharing; it comes from information that I've researched. I was curious enough to start searching. I've found more than what I expect to find. There are many things I wish I can find.

I haven't touch some areas in the family history. I'm not sharing some information on living relatives yet. I will share in the years come. I try not to write about people who are living without their permission. However in some cases, I think some relatives wouldn't mind that I mention their names.

Thanks to all who read what I post. And to those who are connected to my lineage, I hope that you are recording what you know about your connections. Don't let what you know be lost. We know a lot but think that it isn't important to share.

What I've been seeing in doing research, there are some who don't share. There's so much that we know that we don't share with one another. We have our reasons.

I see a lot private sites on ancestry.com. That's OK! But I see the more open we are, some things may come to light. The little clues that we know can unlock some one's family's mysteries or secrets that are unknown.

O how I wish that my ancestors recorded some things about their lives. I've come across many ancestors who can't read or write. But they could talk. They had a memory of what they went through. I hope those who can write.... write some things down some of  what their ancestor told them. 

I believe that there are people interested in... where their ancestors came from. But the question is, will people start looking? Will we share? We can say this and say they. We can disagree on what was what. But will we search to find answers?

I hope that others will join in the search. I'm just one person. When others start it add what they know or heard, it builds that family tree. The tree grows by what we all add to what we know....

May we learn that family history is important. May we not let what we know or what we discover be lost. May we learn from one another and not be upset because some things aren't mention in our family history.

May we not be ashamed to share what we know about our family history. May God grant us with leads to follow. May we have a good attitude in searching. May we not grew weary in doing good. Amen.

Thanks for reading.
Staying On The Family History Journey,
Why Did I Start This Family History Website?

So what I have discovered want be lost.
So things will be passed down to generations to come.
Hoping that they will pass it on.

Peace Be With You,

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