Monday, August 1, 2011

Seeking And Finding

On July 25, 2011, I was searching online and adding info on one of my websites. I was searching for one thing and something else came up. I found more information that I didn't have.

I was amazed by what I've discovered. I thought about it. I see that there are things that we know that information we want to know about. But thank God through the searching when we come across things by accident.

I was adding information about some on the branch of Louisa Jane Janie Dade Washington lineage. I came across some of their death dates. Also there were some links to their children. I wasn't expecting that.

I'm glad to see that there are people who are recording and wanting to know about their ancestors. They have a heart to record information. Than there are those seeking trying to find out things. Seekers what to find what they can. So they keep seeking.

May those who have the heart to record be a blessings. May those who search to find have patience on the journey. May those who seek, find what they are looking for. May we not grow weary on the journey. May there always be some surprises. May God get all the glory. Amen

Thanks for reading.Seeking And Finding
Staying On The Journey,

Updated The Louisa Jane Dade Washington Lineage.
Found some birth and death dates along with some grave sites online on the Hendred Family.
Lewis and Elsie Hendred grave markers
David, William, and Benjamin Washington information.
Some of the Hendred death dates.

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