Friday, August 26, 2011

Introduction: Photos Of Unknown Relatives Part 1

On August 22, 2011, I was looking through some photos. I had some ideas come to me. I'm posting some photos of the unknown relatives. I started putting the photos in categories as babies, children and adults. There aren't a lot of photos.

Than as I was looking at some of the photos, I thought about some of my ancestors. I was wondering who each person in the photo could be? My imagination ran wild.

I started compiling photos of my Grandpa Leo Lankford's siblings. I thought to blog on their life by using some photos. I came up with about 12 blogs. Most of the photos came from Leo and Mary Lankfords home.

Than I came up with some more ideas. What if the photos were so and so? I was using my imagination as I looked at some photos.  Perhaps or could this have been so and so in the photos. It's just an idea.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.
I posted this photo above on The Unknown Photo: Who I think they were. Than again I could be wrong.

I see that our ancestors tried to capture their life through photos. They took the time to pose for pictures. I know that was all they had back in their time.

There were some who could write. I'm glad that my ancestors took the time for picture. Even more took the time to correspond with one another.

May we continue to record our family history. May we take time to pose for photos. May we capture life through the photos or through what resources we have. May we persevere our family history for future generations. Amen.
Thanks for reading.
Introduction: Photos Of Unknown Relatives
May be someone might recognize someone.
Staying On The Journey,

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