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Project: The Julia White Connectons ~ Reflections

I've been thinking about my Project: The Julia White Connections. I have compiled the list of some of Julia's children. and the ones who had children. The ones with children included; Isaac Blakey, Spencer White, John White, Mattie White and Richard White.

Julia had at least 12 or 13 children. I'm lead to believe that one of Julia's children was born in Virginia. I believe at least three of Julia's children either The Unknown Child born in VA, Linda, Lydia, Martha, and Joshua had a child or children.

I've been re reading some of my old letters from cousins. One cousin said that one of Julia's daughter had a son. That son had children that lived in Forest Green, Missouri. Julia's daughter could have been Linda or Lydia.
According to one cousin, one of Julia's daughter passed away before 1904 in Forest Green, MO. As for Martha, I still don't know if she was Mattie, both were widows.  I believe that Martha had children.

There are many questions that remind about Julia's grandchildren. Julia had a grandson named Andrew White. He was born in Missouri about 1878. Who was Andrew's Missouri parents?

I believe that there was an Unknown Child born in Virginia who had a daughter named Rebeca White. I'm not for sure if Rebeca's maiden name was White. I have come across a Becky that had the surname of White.

Perhaps this was Rebeca. Becky and Rebeca were born about 1870 in Missouri. Becky was married. I only found Rebeca on the 1880 census. She was listed as mulatto and the Granddaughter of Julia White.

I've been searching for Joshua White and his off springs. I had confirmation from letters of two cousins stating that Joshua had three daughters and one son. That son's name was John BLAKE. John was raised by a large family with the BLAKE surname.

I think, I've come across that John with his mother. John was married. One census stated that John was divorce. I came across a John Blake's death record. He could have been the Joshua's son John. I'm not 100 % sure.

This John Blake was a barber. He was about 50 years old at the time of his passing. John was listed as a widow. His mother was Mary Blake. His father was listed as what appeared start with a J. Looks like Jones or James Blake. Not for sure.

The name doesn't appear to be Louis. But in a way it could be. However there was no indication that any of the letters was an I. There wasn't a dot, if it was an i.

I think that John Blake was counted twice on the 1930 census. John was listed with his father, Louis. And other place. I've check who the informant was on John's death record. The person was a Neltli or Nellie Black.

I check for Nellie Black's death record. Nellie was the daughter of Louis and Mary Ann Johnson Blake. Nellie lived in Salisbury, MO. That was what connected John's death record.

I need to write another blog on what I come up with on John Blake. I went back over the census records for John Blake. I'm still checking into the 1930 census. John was listed as the father of two sons. I've been looking into that. I'm not for sure if that was correct.

I'm assuming who Rebeca White could have been. I think I've come across some information. I'm not for sure. But I plan to blog an update on Rebeca.

Also I plan to post some blogs on Mattie White's children. Who they were. I think there's more information. Thanks to some searchers who have help me... I've  saw some things that  connected.

I'm still on the trail of The Julia White Connections. I believe that there are people searching for this lineage. The White surname is hard to trace. But with persistence, things can be narrowed down. The names, dates and places are a great help.

Thanks for reading.

Project: The Julia White Connection ~ Reflections
I hope to come across more information in the future.
I hope others see some connections.
Thank you.
Staying On The Journey,

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