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The Julia White Connection: Isaac Blakey a.k.a. Private Isaac Blaker

Isaac Blakey
1845 - 1917
a.k.a Private Isaac Blaker
Served on in the Mississipi Union Army
November 1, 1863 - May 16, 1866
Isaac Blakey was the son of Andrew and Julia White from Virgina.
The year of Isaac birth was not known.
Isaac was given his birthdate was June 30, 1847.
At times I've come across the year 1845.
It was then when he and his mother were sold.
They went south. Isaac somehow made the journey to freedom.
Isaac  enlisted into the Mississippi Union Army on Nov  1 , 1863 in Natchez MS.
He was discharged on May 13, 1866.

The Isaac Blakey Connections:
Son Of Andrew and Julia White From Virginia
I've been compiling a list of people who were listed as Isaac Blakey's children.
I compiled the information from Isaac Blakey's pension records about 1890 - 1917
and the U. S. Census records 1880 - 1930.
I compared the children's birth years to their death records.
I've located 10 of Isaac's childrens' death records.
Also I've come across some of Isaac's children's gravesites.

Here's what I've compiled over the years.
Isaac's 2 Wives and 20+ Children.

Martha Scott(1847 - 1871)
On one record Isaac was stated to have married in 1867.
Perhaps this was with 1st wife, Martha Scott.
Martha passed away on Hew Davis Plantation in Woodville, MS. 
Isaac was believed to have had 2 children by his first wife.

Rachel Ann Lew / Leftridge / Lephridge
( 1859 - 1916)

Isaac and Rachel married on July 3, 1873 in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.
Isaac surname was BLAKER. Rachel surname was LEW.They married at Charles Marshall's house by Rev. Edward Kane.

Isaac was said to have had 18 by his second wife
However through research, I've come up with a least 5 other children.
I put an * by the children that were said to have been Isaac's children

Here's what I've found: I've also listed some of the grandchildren of Isaac Blakey.
The ones I've come across on my search.

Isaac's Twin Sons By Martha
  1.) John (Blakey) Blakley (1871  -1918)
John married Jennie Bartlett
( 1883 - 1926)
       John's and Jennie's children some had Blakey surnames on birth and or death records.
Stillborn female Blakey, Edna, John, Isaac, Paul, daughter: Cecil Blakey , Juanita, Blakey, Mary, Olbery Pierson, David, Hazel, and Baby Boy Unnamed Blakley.

  2.)  Andrew Blakey( 1871 - 1871)
Andrew was the twin of John
Andrew died as an infant.

Isaac's 18+ Children By Rachel  

1.)  Mary Blakey White
MS Born about 1874

         Mary White married (Rev) Ollie Green.
Mary's father Isaac White gave content for Mary to get married.
According to the 1900 census record, they had a child.
Unnamed Green

    *Andrew Blakey         
MO/ MS Born about 1874
Andrew listed on 1880
Andrew was listed as grandson to Julia White.
Andrew's mother was listed as Rachel.
Andrew was born about 1878 in MO.
The other Andrew was born in MS 1871.
   2.)  Charity Blaker
Born about 1875
Charity's name was on Isaac's pension record
Charity may have been named after Rachael's mother.
Charity passed away before 1880.
She was not listed on the census.

   3. ) Isaac Blakey
  MS Born about 1877 - Died Yankton, SD 1971
Isaac married Maggie Williams (1874 - 1860)

Isaac's and Maggie's Children
John Henry, Hunster, Kathryn, Rachel, Fred, Paul, Daniel, Annie, Isaac Ranson, Jane, Carrie, James, Alyce, Zackrious "Buddy" and Eliza

   4.) Jordan  Blakey
   MS Born about 1878 - Died Michigan 1964

Jordan was married to Lizzie ? (1882 - 1915)
Jordan and Lizzie were married about 1906.

Jordan was a widow when he married Flora Elizabeth Lawrence
(1894 -1954)
Flora was a widow.
I don't know if Jordan had off springs.

I came across a Flora with children.
Verna M. Blakey (1913- 1983)
Clarence Ollie Blakey(1919 - 1988)

   5.) Julia Blaker
MS Born about 1878 Jordan's twin
Julia was listed on Isaac's pension record
Julia most likely was named after Isaac's mother.
Julia's surname was listed as White on the 1880 census.

           6.) Frances  Blaker
   Born about 1879/80
Frances was listed on Isaac's pension record
Frances not listed on any census.

  7) Henry Blakey

MO Born 1883- Died In Yankton, SD 1967

Henry eloped with Mary Elizabeth Fristoe (1889-1957)
They were married on Oct 16, 1905

Henry and Mary's children
3 UnKnown Infants Blakeys,
Annie, Henry, Arthur, Pearline, Floyd, Nathanial, Mable, Irene, Theodore "Ted"

       *Isaiah  Blaker
    Isaiah was listed on Isaac's pension record.
Born about 1884   
Isaiah listed on pension record
Isaiah not listed on any census.
Wonder if Isaiah could have been Beecher's middle name?

                  *Turner  Blakey                     
Born about 1884
Turner listed on 1900 census record
Turner could have been Spencer.
See Child # 9

  8.)  Beecher "Doc"   Blakey
  MO Born about 1885 - Died in Yankton, SD
Not much know about Beecher.
He was listed only on the 1900 Census.

 9.)  Spencer  Blakey
  MO Born 1887 - Died 1967 in Yankton SD.
Spencer Tunner/ Tunrner Blakey
Spencer married Lucinda Mary "Lovie" Kinney (1893- 1985)

Spencer and Mary's children.
George, Lucil, Virgil, Leroy and Spencer Jr.

 10.)  Lillie "Susie"  Blakey
  Born about 1888
"Susie" was listed on the 1900 census record.
She was believed to have been Lillie's nickname.

Lillie  married Edward "Ed" Hayes
Lillie's and Ed's daughters
Edna and Dorothy

                    * Kate Blakey                      
Born about 1889
Kate listed on the 1900 census record

Maggie Blakey MO Born 1891
Maggie could have been Martha.
Source 1900 Census Record
 11.)  Martha "Mot" Blakey
MO Born about 1890 - Died in SD 1918
Martha married Ernest "Jap" Hayes

Martha died for the flu epidemic
Martha's and Jap's children
Bobby, Dorothy, Earldean, Ernest, Georgie, Levi "Boe" and Arthur

                              12.) Joe Blaker      
Born about 1891
Joe listed on pension records
Joe not listed on census records

                           13.)  Rosa  Blaker                          
Born about 1892
 Rosa listed on pension records
Rosa not listed on census records.

14.) Ollie "Deke" Blakey
MO Born 1895 - Died 1972 in CA

Ollie married Margaret Cason (1896- 1972)
Ollie and Margaret had no children.
They helped raised Martha's children.
Ollie was the guardian to his brother Archie when their father passed away in 1917.

 15.) Edna Mae "Edner" Blakey
      MO Born about 1893/ 1896 Died 1952 CA

Edna married Dadney "Dad"  Jackson
They later divorced.

Edna married Richard T. "Dick" Bentley (1893 - 1976)
Richard and Edna married on March 13, 1926 in Lyman, South Dakota.

Edna's and Dad's children
Edward, Emerson, and Archie

                            16.) Lawhorn "Doc" Blakey                      
MO Born about 1897/ 1899 - Died 1977 in CA
SSC# States born in 1900 and WWI Record 1899.
Lawhorn wasn't listed on the 1900 census.

Lawhorn was married to Roberta ?
Lawhorn was married to Mettie Holliday. Lawhorn married Mettie with the surname of Blakley.
Date of marriage: June 6, 1924 in Yankton, South Dakota.

                                *David Blakey 
        Born about 1897
David listed on 1900 census records
David could have been a nickname or middle name.

  17.) Annie Rebecca Blaker
Annie was listed on Isaac's pension record
Annie was born about 1899/1900.
Annie was not listed on any census records.

  18.) Archie T. Blakey(MO Born 1904 - Died 1943 in CA)
Archie could have been married.
I came across a Flora listed with him in CA.

Archie and Flora may have had children.
Since Lawhorn was married to a Flora also...may have been Archie's wife not Lawhorn.
Can't tell which brother was married to Flora. Or if there were two Floras.

Six of Rachel's children died before 1900.Charity, Julia, Frances, Joe, Rosa and Annie

This is what I came across in my research so far.
I have some of Isaac's grand children's and their off springs.
I know that there are many names that are left out.

Hope this was helpful to the descendants of Isaac Blakey
A.K.A Isaac White
Private Isaac Blaker

Isaac Blakey
1845 - 1917
a.k.a Private Isaac Blaker
Served on in the Mississipi Union Army
November 1, 1863 - May 16, 1866
Perhaps some of Isaac descendants can add more to the linage.
May you pass the info on down the line for the next generatons.

Thanks for reading. 
 Project: The Julia White Connections

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