Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pension Claim Of Isaac Blakey

General Affidavit

State of Missouri. County of Chariton, ss:

In the matter of Pension claim of Isaac Blakey (?) (word late) of Co H "6th" Mississippi Regt. NO 988.93

On THIS 15th day of Feb , A.D. 1899, personally appeared before me, a notary Public in and for the aforesaid county, and State, duly authorizes to administer oaths...Y.C. Blakey, aged 63 years, a resident of Salisbury in the County off Chariton and State of Missouri, whose Post Office address is Salisbury MO and....aged...years, a resident the County of...and Stated of....whose Post Office address is...and who, being duly sworn, declares each for himself, in relation to aforesaid case as follows

...that he was acquainted with Isaac Blakey from the time that he was a small boy, up to the time of the breaking out of the war of the rebellion from 1861-1865, and his knowledge of him was on this wise, said Isaac Blakey the above named applicant belonged to his father's family and lived with them up to the time above spoken of and when he last saw him, he was at his (Y.C. Blakey's) Mother's house in Fayette, MO about the years 1857 to 1861, at which place he was staying at that time. afficant further states that Isaac Blakey had previously borne a good reputaiton as a slave he had no bad or viscious habits that he knew of and as far as he knows, he still bears a good reputation affiant states that the foregoing statements are made from personal knowledge of the facts stated.

Date Feb 24 1899 Signed by Y.C. Blakey in his hand writing

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