Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some Updates: The Search Continues

Normally, I post a blog on updates near the end of the year or that the first of the New Year. I thought to share some of my finding at middle point. I've been thinking about my findings.

As I've been waiting for the 1940 Census to be indexed, I have realized that there are a lot more same name relatives than I thought. I'm amazed by what I've been finding.
Wonder how many more are out there? 

I  can see the names in the generations of Richard WHITE, Isaac BLAKEY, Spencer BLAKEY, Daniel BLAKEY, Robert LANKFORD / LANKFARD, Leo LANKFORD, Isaac DADE, and so on. There are some ladies who had (or have) the same last names when their married.

Jane WHITE Hayes, wife of Otis Hayes Sr.
Martha "Mot" BLAKEY Hayes, wife of Ernest "Jap" Hayes
Lillie "Susie" BLAKEY Hayes, wife of Edward "Ed" Hayes

Jane WHITE Hayes was the cousin of sisters, Martha and Lillie BLAKEY Hayes.

Edna HAYES Bentley, daugher of Lille BLAKEY Hayes
Edna BLAKEY Jackson - Bentley, sister of Lillie BLAKEY Hayes

Jane FERUGSON White, wife of Richard White Sr.
Jane was Jane WHITE Hayes' mother.

Jane FERUGSON Blakey, wife of Daniel Blakey.
Daniel was son of Isaac and Arlee Blakey

Charlotta DADE Lankfard, wife of Robert L. Lankfard

Another :Charlotta ? Lankfard, wife of Robert L. Lankfard.
Robert son of Robert Sr. who was married Irene BLAKEY Kemp.

Mary KINNEY Blakey, wife of Spencer Blakey Sr.
Mary FRISTOE Blakey, wife of Henry Blakey Sr.
Spencer and Henry Blakey were brothers

There was a Mary BLAKEY
She was the daughter of Isaac and Rachel LEPHRIDGE Blakey.
Mary was married with the WHITE surname.
Mary's husband was Rev. Ollie GREEN.
I know that there are more same name relatives.
I did this list off the top of my head.

I have come across many surprises on the 1940 Census.
I'm still trying to piece some things together.
I have discovered that some of the California Blakeys remarried.
There were three brothers Archie, Lawhorn, and Jordan Blakey.
They married more at least twice.

I do believe that there were two Flora Blakeys.
One was married to Archie and the other to Jordan.
Jordan had children...
I'm not for sure if  Archie and Lawhorn had children.
Archie did have a stepson.

I've came across more California connections.
Alberta WHITE Morris and her family.
Alberta was the daugher of Richard and Jane FERGUSON White

There are relatives that I haven't found on the 1940 census.
I've come across more tombstones on find a grave.
I'm finding more relatives that serviced in the U.S. Military.
I thank God for those who are searching for their ancestors.
I've come across a few who have some family connections.
I hope to find more family connections and information on the journey.

The Search Continues,

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