Thursday, July 26, 2012

What About Aunts and Uncles By Marriage? James Weston Jr. ~ Part 9

James Weston Jr.
1924 - 1949
James was  born on Oct 18, 1924 in Kansas City MO.
He was the son of James Glenn WESTON Sr.

James  WESTON Jr. married Betty  Marie LANKFORD
Betty was the daughter of Leo and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD/ LANKFARD
James Jr. and Betty had no children.
James Jr. serviced in the United States Military.

James Jr. passed away on March 31, 1949 in St. Joseph, MO.
He was in a car / truck collision.

James Jr's  siblings....
Charles, Cleoa, Fanny, Forestine, and Velda Weston.
Their mother was Lena Mae (Corbin) Weston.

James' Jr.'s nickname was Junior.

James Glenn Weston Sr.'s parents 
Earl Oliver Weston (1871- 1926) son of Earl Weston
and Mary Frances "Fannie" Tapp Weston (1873- 1923)
"Fannie's father was Peter Tapp.

"Oliver's" and "Fannie's Children:
Charity, Charles, Ceola, James, Tapp, Pete, Verrien, Mary and R.C.

James and Betty (LANKFORD) WESTON
Betty passed away on July 22, 2012

Betty M. WESTON's Obituary

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