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The Lankford / Lankfard Family : Canton, Missouri Connections

The Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family
St. Joseph, Missouri
Photo taken in the early 1890's

I can only imagine when and why the Lankford / Lanford Family choose to moved to St. Joseph, MO. Also, I have been wondering, what was the original spelling of the family surname? I find that interesting about the spelling.

When did the LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family make their way to St. Joseph, Missouri?
Why did some family members spell their surname LANKFARD,
While the most spell their surname LANKFORD?


Robert Louis / Lewis and Charlotta (DADE) Lankford / Lankfard were the first two family members that I have come across with the family surname. There isn't  much know about Robert's mother. I don't know if she carried the Lankford / Lankfard surname. I heard that Robert's mother passed away in Canton, MO. Robert had a sister, Mamie MORTON.

I don't know when Robert and Charlotta came or when left Canton, Missouri. Robert was born in KY. Charlotta was born in MO. Charlotta had children born in Lewis County MO from 1873 - 1885.

I can only assume when the Robert and Charlotta left Canton. I think it was some time during the mid - 1880's. Charlotta didn't have any children from 1886 - 1889. That could have been the time they moved. (One reason for the move could have been Robert was looking for work. He was a mason.)

I've been searching the cities directories. I came across some Lankfords. The names were spelled Langford, Lankford and Lankfard. I have found the surname spelled other ways during my search.

I came across a Robert L. Lankford on a 1887 city directory. He was listed as a mason. I do believe that this Robert was the correct Robert who was married to Charlotta. There was a James and a Louis Lankford who were masons as well. I can only assume that they were related. They were all listed as colored and all worked as a mason.

The first time I saw a different spelling (other than LANFORD) was on a 1890 city directory. The surname was spelled LANKFERD in the St. Joseph, MO. The first time surname spelled LANKFARD was in 1898. So, I searching searching more city directories.

I found Robert's surname spelling as LANKFARD on the 1898, 1902, 1904, 1911, 1913, and 1916 city directories. I came across some of Robert's and Charlotta's children names in the same city directories. Their surname was spellled LANKFARD. There was another city directory. The surname was spelled LANKFORD.

As for the census records, most of the family surname was spelled LANKFORD. Now as I look back, I can see that the surname was LANKFARD at one point. But majority of the family members spelled the surname LANKFORD.

I have traced back to 1870 to Lewis with a different spelling of Lankford. Lewis was a.k.a as Robert L. Lankfard.  His surname was spelled LANGFORD on the 1870 census. However, he was married under the name of  LEWIS LANKFORD in 1873 in Canton, Missouri. Also, he was listed as Lewis LANGFORD on the 1880 Census.

Lewis started using the name Robert L. Lankford some time in the 1880's. Some how the switch was made. Robert had a son named Louis born in 1882. That could have been a reason.

I think that The LANKFORD/ LANKFARD Family moved away from Canton, MO between 1885 - 1887. They lived some where else before they settled in St. Joseph, MO about 1890. Robert continued to go by Robert L. LANKFORD on some records.

All of Robert and Charlotta's children spelled their surname as LANKFARD at some point in their lifetime. There are marriage records, WWI, WWII Draft registrations, Grave markers and City Directories that have the LANKFARD surname.  Here are some of my blogs that I have posted on the Lankford / Lankfard Surname

The Search: LANKFARD / LANKFORDThere were some family members who kept the LANKFARD spelling. The descendants of Robert Lewis LANKFARD Sr.  This Robert was the son of Leo and Mary (ALLEN) Lankford Sr.

I believe that Nymudula "Nym" kept the LANKFARD spelling as well. Nym and his wife Irene and daughter, Marjorie were the only family members listed on the 1940 census with the LANKFARD spelling.

I first learned of the LANKFARD spelling when I came across these grave markers.

Grave markers are in Ashland Cemetery
It could have been the way the some of the family members choose to spell their surname.
There could have been something to that.
The Mysteries Lingers.

Robert and Charlotta's grave markers are in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Robert and Charlotta live in Denver, Colorado about 1917 - 1919.

Charlotta lived in New York eight months before her passing in 1924.
Robert passed away in St. Joseph, MO in 1919.
Charlotta's body was brought back to St. Joseph, MO for burial.

Robert's surname on his death record was spelled LANKFORD.
Charlotta's surname on her death record was spelled LANKFARD.

According to records:

a.k.a Lewis LANKFORD

 LANFORD surname was the first known spelling..1873
Than LANGFORD on the 1870 and 1880 Census
1890 it was spelled LANKFERD
1895 it was spelled LANKFARD
1919 Tombstone it was spelled  LANKFARD

I did come across some other Lankfords, Langfords in St. Joseph
during the same time Robert and Charlotta were living...
 I don't know if they were related.
They live in the same area as the LANKFARDs.
Perhaps that was why the spelling change.
Or it was the way people pronounced the surname
that ended with FARD came out.
(I've seen the ending spell FORT on one relative.)

If we search all the relatives that carried the LANKFORDs and LANKFARD,
we might see some things.
I come to believe that The Family surname was spelled LANKFARD.
Robert and Charlotta LANKFARD's children records shows us that it was.
Some how, some family members had to choose which spelling to go by.
It appears that the LANKFORD surname was what most choose.
The LANKFORD surname was passed down through the generations.
Also, The LANKFARD was passed down through the generations.

I honor both spellings.
The Robert L. and Charlotta (Dade) LANKFORD / LANKARD Connections
The Leo and Mary (Allen) LANFORD / LANKFARD Connections
The Nym and Irene LANKFARD Connections
The Robert Lewis LANKFARD Connections

In all, I heard that the orginal spelling was LANKFARD.
I can relate to the surname differences
 The BLAKEY / BLAKLEY Connections
At times its spelled BLAKELY.
BLAKEY was the way majority spell the family surname.
BLAKEY / WHITE was the slave holders surname.

I don't know if LANKFORD or LANKFARD was the slave name.

I have heard that the slave holders' surname was MORTON.
It's ironic that some of the MORTON family moved to St. Joseph, MO.

The LANKFORD/ LANKFARD and MORTON family had connections.
Mamie MORTON was Robert's half sister.
Thanks for reading.
Hope to find more info.
The Journey Continues

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