Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Short Review: Family History Journey 2012

I'm looking back over  2012.
What a year!

I have come across a lot of new information. I've been going back over some of what I have compiled over the years. I'm seeing some things that I've over looked. I'm adding that to the family history

There were some new relatives ....I've come across on facebook. Also I've come in contact with a few people searching on the same tree I am. They helped me out on some loose ends on my family connections.

There were some additions to the family. While there were some relatives who have passed on to be with the Lord. In all I see the family connections being added.
I'm thankful for the information that I have been coming across. I couldn't have gotten as far I have without help. I'm thankful for people who have shown some interest.

May we learn more about our ancestors as we search for records.
May we explore and discover what we can.
May we continue a legacy for the future generation.

Thanks for reading.

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