Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thinking About The Life Of Isaac Blakey

I have been thinking about my Great Grandpa Isaac Blakey. I have come across some things about him over my search.

Who was Isaac Blakey? What can be said about his life?  Isaac was born in MO. He was the son of Andrew and Julia WHITE. Isaac was the only one in his family that carried the BLAKEY surname. He was one of about 12 or 13 children.

Isaac was married to Martha SCOTT. They had twin sons; Andrew BLAKEY and John BLAKEY/ BLAKLEY.

After Martha's passing, Isaac later married Rachel LEPHRIDGE/ LEFTRIDGE. They had 18 children.

Isaac was born in slavery in MO. Later in his teens, Isaac received his freedom. He joined the Union Army in MS. Isaac listed his occupation as a farmer.

After the war he married and started a family. He reuntied with this mother and siblings. The moved back to MO. Isaac spent the reminder of his life in Chartion Howard County MO area up to this passing on December 23, 1917. 

Isaac's body was laid to rest in Hoffman Cemetery in Forest Green Missouri on Christmas day. Yes, Isaac was a Civil War veteran. I wondered if there was any news coverage of his passing. Or if the local news writers acknowledged his passing? I believe that Isaac was a respected man.
I was thinking about how Isaac's latter days. What his life could have been like. He must have had some stories about his life. What stories they could have been?

I believe that the people in my Great Grandfather's life were at the funeral. Indeed his family and friends were there. I noticed that the funeral was on Christmas Day. Wonder why the family wanted to buried him on Christmas.  Two days after his death?

I had wondered if Isaac was honored for his military serve. I did come across some info about that. Isaac was honor for his service in the Civil War. There is a plaque with his name on it in Washington DC.

You won't find the name as BLAKEY. His name and rank during the Civil War was Private Isaac BLAKER. He served November 1, 1863 to May 13, 1866. With honorable discharge.

Thanks for reading.
I hope to piece together more info on the BLAKEY Connections 

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