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Daughter of A.P. and Babe

Sister has been with us since the Spring of 2002. She was born on November 16 or 17 of 2001. How we came about having Sister as our dog? How did she get her name? Sister was our sister's dog. One day our sister got mad at Sister because she would always get out of about a 6 foot fence.

Sister did not like living in that place. She had 5 other brothers. Some how Sister learned how to climb the fence. When I heard that she kept doing that I call her Houdini. She was a smart little puppy. Our sister did not like Sister climbing out of the fence. Sister would wonder out into the streets. One day our sister carried Sister across the street and ask us to keep Sister for a few days. Yeah, Sister has been with us for about a few hours. Right. Like about 5 years.

After we got Sister,... I wanted to renamed her. I thought of the name because she was the only girl. I thought sister could not get along with those boys. She had to get out of that place and she did. I shared the story of Sister's dad A.P.--December 2, 2006 Blog. I have not figured out how to just type in that site so you can click on to it. I will try to tag it on my site.

Last year around this time we noticed that Sister was getting bigger. We thought that we were feeding her too much or she was eating too much. I notice that Sister was acting strangely when I would give her and Spotty their morning biscuit. Sister would stop twirling around like a bull would. Then one day Sister just about bit my finger to get her biscuit. I had thought come to my thinking why Sister was acting the way she was--only time would prove what I was thinking.

During the last week of January of 2006, Sister would come out of her house late and would hurry back into her house. I thought to myself that's not like Sister. So I told my brothers. We did not know what was going on... Until February 4, 2006--

I was out side looking around. Sister seemed to be OK. So my brother went out to see Sister too. He said that Sister was acting strange. She would go in and out of her house. As she did that she would look back at my brother and go in her house. She did this enough times that made my brother get up ---GO and SEE what she wanting him to see.

As my brother went and saw what Sister was trying to tell him, he discovered--SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE---new born puppies. They has their eyes open. Yeah, that was my thought that I have in January. Sister was going to have puppies. We did not know that she was going to have puppies. We think that the puppies were born the last week of January 2006. They were about a week old when my brother made the discovery.

There were 6 in all: 3 boys and 3 girls. Sister took very good care of her babies. It was very cold during January through March. She kept her babies warm. She did all what a mother would do for her babies. She correct them as well. Sister was a GOOD Mama.

When it came time to give Sister's puppies away, I talked to her before we did that. We thought that first the girl dogs would be the hardest to found someone to care for. Our sister has the one who looks like A.P. Her name is Sugar. Sugar; the smallest, friendliest and the smartest one of them all. She got loose one day and came back to home to see her family. She just lives across the street: Like mama like daughter wanting to visit.

The other two sisters live with two sisters not to far from us. They were happy that their dad let them have them. The two other boy dogs live with one of our brothers in Kansas. The boy dogs names are Blue and Red. Sister watched each one of her babies go. She knew it was time for them to leave.

As for the last boy dog, we had trouble finding him a home for him. There were people who said that they wanted him but never came to get him... My brother was thinking about keeping the little fellow. I had a talk with Sister about it. You would never guest what Sister's reaction was... I told Sister that we might have to keep the last dog. She ducked her head. turned around and went into her dog house. Your guest is as good as mine to what Sister was thinking about. We did not have a dog house for Sunny. He slept with his mama. He kept wanting milk too. Sunny was a "mama's boy".

Yeah, we kept Sunny. He is the only "true" dog that we can say we ever had--Sunny has been with us from day one. All the other dogs we had were either given to us, dogs that others had to find a home for, dogs who were "lost" and could not find a place to stay. I can say Sunny is our first dog: He was not given to us. Sunny just happen to come along. I see Sunny was a apart of God's plan for us.

--- I named him Sunny because he is the son of Sister. The dogs name had to start with a "S". Ever since Sunny has been with us, he has brighten up Sister and Spotty world. We need to get Sister "fix". No more puppies. It seems every time we plan to get this done this year, something comes up. It's a must to do when the weather gets warmer.

I just thought to share This Dog Story with you on this very last Tuesday of 2006. I told you that Sister reminds me of Scooby Doo and Dino Flintstone. However Sister does not jump on me. She knows better. Sister sits and stares when she see me coming. Some times one ear is up and the other one down. That's Scooby Doo. As I am making my way to her, she jumps for joy. That's Dino Flintstone.

May you continue to count the days as you enter into your days ahead. Who knows you might have a surprise surprise surprise!
Why did I share this story with you? I believe that animals are a gift from God. Sister, Sunny and Spotty are some of the blessed dogs that I know. Because God has entrust me to take care of them. A part of our family history is what we have been given to us, what we earned and what we have to offer others. Some surprises come from God. Some just happens. Sunny is a blessings.

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