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Common In My Family Lineage

Note From Monday, 16 February 2009

Common In My Family Lineage
I have been going over some of my family history material. It is a job to go through. But, I thank God that I am seeing some common things in my family lineage.

I saw some things similar in some of my family lineage. I see it both on my father's and mother's sides. Here are 9 things that I see in the uniqueness in my family tree.

1. Ancestors were from large families.
My father of about 17 or 19
Father's father of about 20 or 21
Father's mother of about 14 or 15
Father's father's father of about 14 or 16
My mother of 12
Mother's mother of 1 + two siblings
Mother's mother's mother of 7

2. American Indian, African and Mulatto background
My father's side:
Black foot, / African and Mulatto

My mother's side:
Cherokee / Mulatto / African

3. Families lived with three generations in one household.
My father's father's father's mother Julia
My father's mother's Grandma Hannah
My mother's mother's mother's mother's Grandma Lillie

I recall my mother's mother living with us for a while.
Two of my nephews lived with us. (There were 3 generations.)

4. Some remarried about 2 years after spouse's death.
My father's father's father, Isaac
My father's mother, Jennie
My father's mother's father, Elais
My mother's mother's mother, Laura
My mother's mother's mother's father, William / John

5. Some born in slavery lived well after slavery.
Father's side:

Julia White ca 1820 to 1880 ca
Isaac Blakey 1845-1917
Rachel Leftridge 1847 - 1916
Elais W .Bartlett Sr. ca 1822 - 1890 ca
Harriet Hooper 1840- 1909
Hannah Hooper ca 1765 -1880 ca

On Mother's side:
Louis Robert Lankfard 1852 - 1919
Charlotte Dade 1854 - 1924
Isaac Dade ca 1808 / 1812 - 1880 ca
Francis Ovington ca? 1799 / 1812 - 1900 ca
Francis had 14 children
William / John Washington 1846 - ? 1920
Susan Leach / Lewis 1845 - 1888 ca
Deliah (Lillie) Lewis ca 1787 - 1888 ca
Emilee Levels ca 1820 - 1898

6. Families lived near relatives
Brothers and sisters living near parents, cousins, in laws

7. Similar names were past down to generations
John, Isaac, James, Mary, William, Robert, Richard, Paul , Charles

8. Early ancestors lived near river cities.
Forest Green, Salisbury, Keysville, St. Joseph, Canton, Carrollton, MO, Yankton, SD, St Paul MN

9. Some ancestors owned their own homes and business
Some were farmers, Trucking and Disposal Services, Builders.

I am thankful for my family tree. I am thankful that I have come across so much information. I am thankful that I am on God's Family Tree.

I hope that you can record your family lineage.
It's never to late to search. Have A GREAT Day!

On My Journey Of Transformation:
Common In My Family Lineage

Blessings to all,

Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph! For the LORD Most High is awesome; He is a great King over all the earth, Psalm 47:1-2

The heart of the wise teaches his mouth, And adds learning to his lips. Proverbs 16:23

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