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Mr. Robert Louis Lankfard (1852 - 1919)

The photo above is of Mr. Robert Louis Lankfard a.k.a Lewis Langford / Lankford.
The photo was taken in 1892 outside the home the Lankford/ Lankfard Family in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Robert was about 40 years old.
His wife and children were standing on his left.
The family dog is in this chopped photo.
Mr. Robert Louis Lankford

I'm not for sure what his first name was. On the 1870 and 1880, he was in Lewis County Missouri. His name was recorded as LEWIS LANGFORD on those census. On the 1870 census he was living next door to his future sister in law, Mary Ann (Dade)Madison.


His name was written Lewis LANKFORD on January 25, 1873. He married Miss Charlotta Dade. As for his surname, the surname was spelled either LANFORD or LANKFARD. As to other census records and city directories his first name was recorded as R. L and or Robert Louis. The first middle name was not spelled Lewis. However it could have been spelled that way.

We can assume or establish that Lewis was the name he went by in his early adult life. Lewis was more likely his middle name. As for the spell, it could have been how the person who recorded his name spelled it.He was living in LEWIS County Missouri.
His name appeared as Robert L. LANKFORD in 1887 Kansas City Directory. In other city directories his name was R. Louis in 1890, R.L or Robert L in the St. Joseph, directories. His surname was spelled LANKFORD and LANKFARD from time to time. The first time LANKFARD was spelled in 1898 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Robert's surname was spelled LANKFARD from 1898 to 1902. 1911, 1914 - 1919 in the St. Joseph, City Directories.

As I look through records of the children of Robert and Charlotta, their surname was spelled LANKFORD and LANKFARD. We can assume that the family spelled their surname as LANKFARD. Most of the descendants spell the family surname LANKFORD.

As for Robert's family, little is know about them. He did have a half sister name Mamie MORTON who was perhaps born in Kentucky. I have heard a story the Robert's mother passed away in Canton, Missouri. It could have been that Robert was separated from his family during slavery.
Mr. Robert Louis Lankfard (1852 - 1919)
According to the census / city directories: Robert was listed as a boatsman, stone mason, Contractor, Builder, Chimney sweeper, Grader, Laborer , one even stated he worked in a Restaurant. As for his surname, the spelling varied.

We can assume that Robert made his way to Missouri from Kentucky. I couldn't find w records where he was before 1870. He could have moved to Missouri with the Mortons from KY. The Morton family were connected to the Lankfords. Both families came from Kentucky. Also they moved to Lewis County and some to St. Joseph, Missouri.

Records state that Robert was in Lewis County Missouri during his early adult life. He married and had children. Later moved to Kansas City, Missouri and St. Joseph, Missouri about 1889/ 1890.
He lived in Denver Colorado about 1818 / 1919.


We can assume that Robert was born into slavery. He was about 13 years old when slavery abolished.

According to his death record Robert was born on February 22, 1852 in KY. He was 67 years old at the time of his passing on November 14, 1919 in St. Joseph, Missouri. His remains were laid to rest on November 18, 1919 in St. Joseph, Missouri at Ashland Cemetery.

In 2017, someone told me that Robert was born in  Bennette, Harlan County Kentucky. The city doesn't  exist today.
Robert's cause of death: He had a fractured leg do to a accidental fall.

Tombstone at Ashland Cemetery.

This photo of Robert Louis LANKFARD.
Perhaps in his late 50's 60's.
He appeared to be a dignify man.
He was handsome and was dressed well.
He was well groomed and had fine clothen.
He wore glasses.

As I searched for information on Robert, I found some remarkable things about him. He owned his own business.
He was a landowner.
According to the census, it stated that Robert couldn't read or write.
For someone who was a builder and construction worker, that was amazing.
He must have learned the trade from someone.
He was a fine stone mason.
He was a stone mason in Kansas City, Missouri, St. Joseph, Missouri and Denver Colorado.

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