Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day: Remembrance Day

Happy Remembrance Day!

Remembering loved ones who have passed on...
and those who served in the U.S.A Military.
They are missed but not forgotten.

I have come a lot of relatives who have served in the U.S.A. military.
Some of them are buried in National Cemeteries along with their spouse and or children.

Here's a list of some Family Connections:
Find A Grave Memorials Military Links

Precious Memories

As clear as a loving word or touch

of a hand so warm and clear

Are the memories of our loved ones that

we treasure and hold near.

A favorite song or picture often causes

us to recall, the many special times

that were the dearest ones of all.

And although time will heal the loss

we will never be far apart

Because God's gift of memory will always
be a treasure in our hearts.

May there be special memories of all the deceased members
on the Family Connections Families. The ones we remember will always live in our hearts.
And for those who we shall reunite again.
Here are some surnames on Family Connections

The Bartlett - Blakley Family Connection

The Allen - Lankford/ Lankfard  Family Connections

.The Hooper - Bartlett  Family Connections

 The Blakley - Lyle  Family Connections

 The Allen Washington/Walters  Family Connections

 The Dade - Lankford/ Lankfard Family :

 The Ovington - Dade  Family Connections

 The Dade - (Love) Washington  Family Connections

 The Brown Hendred  Family Connections

 The Scott - Blakey  Family Connections

 The Lephridge - Blakey  Family Connections:

 The White Family  Connections:

Hope to find out what others heard on the family history.
 Perhaps find out where others fit on the family tree or perhaps can add more names.

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