Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy February!

Welcome to February!
I hope you have a wonderful month.
Blessings to you.

Thanks for reading.
Perhaps you see some family connections.
S.A. Blakley

Here's  Family History February
Here are some of my discoveries last February.

I explored and discovered more info for Find A Grave and Obituaries.
I was making corrections as I was adding more to the family tree.
I set up some memorials on Find A Grave.

I searched in Lewis County Mo on the Clays and Manleys.
Found some obituaries, photos and Find A Grave Memorials

Ralph Louis Clay found obituary (1943 - 2014)
Harry Frank Clay Sr. found photo on
Donna Jean Clay  found on Find A Grave (1957 - 2013)
Cora Ann Clay : added to Find A Grave
Harry  Frank Clay Sr. :  added to Find A Grave
Robert Smith Clay:  added to Find A Grave

Found Leonard Manley tombstone on a billion grave

As I was searching info on Elmer Robinson, I made the discovery that his wife, Cora Robinson was the sister of Willie C. Hendred. Added Cora was the missing Hendred sibling.

Doris Manley lived with Cora Clay so did Leonard Manley.

Found on Find A Grave Tombstones:
Added more into to family history
Arthur R. Hayes was born in Salisbury
Georgia Tolson passed in 1957
Earledean Hunter passed in 1992
Dorothy Baker ? Two were listed but not for sure if correct on.
Virile Baker passed in 1951
Hayes Baker ? Not for sure if correct one.

Question how the surname is spelled: Hayes or Hays

Found Thomas Blakey's memorial and tombstone on Find A Grave
Added memorials to Find A Grave
George Edward Hendred
John Hendred
Cora Henderds Robinson
William Charles Hendreds

Note on Lankford / Lankfard Children
On the 1910 census, Charlotta was listed as having 11 but 9 were living
Charlotta may have had a child after the 1900 census.

The 1963 MO Death Records open to the public.
Edward Houston was born on July 4, 1894. He passed on July 23, 1963.
Edward was the husband of Rena White Houston.

Searching for James Jackson's mother? Kate Gaines Jackson.
James was the husband of Hattie White Jackson.

Discovered that Barney Dewey King was born in 1899 in Galebury, Ill
His father was Will Edgar King. He was buried near his son in CA.

Found Veta Mae Stewart's name on husband's obituary.

Found Glaglow MO newspaper online: "Slave Ad" advertised on Jan 28, 1858.

Found tombstone of Goldie / Golda Woodson. She was married to William Manley

Found tombstone of Edna Bentley. Edna wife of Richard Bentley.
Created more memorials on Find A Grave: Richard Bentley's parents

Found tombstone: Paul I. Blakey and his wife, Catherine on Find A Grave

Received info Melanie James Clay born in Clarence, MO.

Confirmation  on George Franklin Manley Sr's children
Dona Manley Blakney
Dora Manley

Searching on Thomas J. Blakey:  Did he marry twice?

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